Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways holds the winning secrets of the Mayans!

The Mayans were known for their astonishing architecture, agriculture, hieroglyphic writing, mathematics, and of course the Mayan Calendar. The Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot takes us on a journey back to the old Mayan civilization to experience the wondrous lost technology and bountiful treasures of this ancient Mesoamerican culture.

The Mayan Calendar was thought to have been a prediction for the end of the world on 21 December 2012. Fortunately, this cataclysmic event did not come to pass. We’re still here! And better than ever with this unique and exciting slot from High5 Games.

Mayan mechanical magic

Expanding mechanical reels change the layout of the game on almost every spin. When an arrow symbol falls on the reel, it will expand the reel up or down with 1, 2, or 3 positions, depending on the number shown on the arrow. This is an interesting feature, as larger reels can accommodate more winning combos -but you don’t need to be a Mayan mathematician to figure that out.


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If the reel has expanded, it will start shrinking by one position after every spin, unless more of these expanding arrows fall on the reel. Once a reel has expanded fully with three extra positions, a Wild symbol will be added somewhere on the reels. The Wild symbol in the base game substitutes for all other symbols except the Bonus, which is a big, beautifully-blue Sapphire!

We see various golden tablets with faces carved in them as the high-paying symbols. These symbols are colorful and attractive, unlike the lower-paying symbols that seem to be less valuable golden statues. But gold is gold, the Maya had A LOT of it and so does this slot!

Put the onus on the Bonus

Once you get three or more Bonus symbols scattered on the reels, the Free Games Bonus unlocks and a different set of reels come into play. Three of these gorgeous gems will award you with 18 free games, and four will see you celebrating an incredible 25 free games.

During the Bonus game, the Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols including the Bonus symbol. Three or more Bonus symbols during the free games will award you with additional free spins on the house.


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The Wild symbol, represented by yet another golden tablet (these Mayans loved their bling) has three lives when it appears on the reels. This symbol shows three ruby-red gems that indicate how many spins the symbol will last for. For every spin that goes by, one gem vanishes until all have disappeared and the symbol runs out of lives and falls away.

Welcome to the jungle!

The scene is set among ancient buildings and statues in a majestic jungle with vines and Mayan architecture to be seen surrounding the reels. It’s as though you are an intrepid explorer that has stumbled upon these long-lost buildings with untouched jewels waiting to be discovered. Pure golden treasures such as the max win of €306,450 await the brave who venture deep into the jungle in search of riches beyond their wildest dreams.

Amazing Mayan Action!

The high volatility in this game results in major wins as the generous 96% RTP will see you bagging those gems for big winning combos! Hang in there, when these reels start changing up and expanding, the money seems to creep out under every leaf and stone in the jungle! It is believed that there are still lost artifacts and treasures of the ancient Maya civilization, and you don’t have to travel far to find them. They’re right here, in The Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot!