Lead the Spectacular Foursome to Victory in the Animal Quest Slot

Rarely have you come across a group of characters like the ones you will meet in the newly released Animal Quest slot. This spectacular foursome is worthy of their own show and perhaps if the creators over at EvoPlay work their magic, it could happen.

In this one of a kind jungle escapade, gold symbols and free spins are some of the ways you can get paid but it all boils down to Turtle, Rhino, Opossum and Red Panda. You will be spinning 5 reels ready to create winning combos that will make you consider making a move to the jungle, at least temporarily, that’s the kind of animals these guys are.

Dressed for Success

The lovable personalities you will meet know what it takes to get things done in the jungle and come fully prepared and outfitted in true Tomb Raider style attire. Their mission is to find the lost city of Dinotitlan and in true Jumani fashion, they all bring their own expertise to the table.

Rhino can’t stay away from the gym and is pumped up to the max. Turtle is the slow but super bright techie with a drone version of himself. Opossum is the ultimate adventurer while the street savvy red Panda has the gift of being a smooth talker. Put together they create miracles which can result in a coin rain for you.


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The Bigger the Better

Size matters even in the deepest of jungles and you will notice the guys can change size during your spins and if one of their big versions were to land and be part of a winning combo it will trigger the re-spin feature. The same character that was big will become sticky during your spin and any new symbol of the same will become sticky as well.


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Gold Symbol Free Spins

To get the chance to play for the big bucks with free spins, you will need to land at least two scatters and one wild on the reels as this will trigger your 10 free spins. During these spins you may come across gold symbols that will take up 6 spots on the reels and increase the multiplier of any winning combo it’s a part of. Depending on what character it is, they will give your win a boost between x2-x5 which is not to be neglected.


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Keep The Wins Coming

If you would be the muscle or the techie in a story like this doesn’t matter, as long as the wins are coming, are we right? Don’t forget about Slot Wars either where your dominance on the reels can get you an even bigger payday!