All Money Hungry Hounds Need To Try Dogs and Tails Slot!

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but another adorable pet slot is out. Guess I’m talking to my fellow crazy cat ladies and dog moms.

But if you’re a guy with a super soft spot for all things Dogs and Tails slot, welcome.

Disclaimer: Don’t expect hardcore hounds in this one – you’ll be spinning with chubby puppies who know how to turn on the charm.

Speaking of turning on the charm, there’s up €100,000 to win here… So, let’s get you barking up the right tree, shall we?

These dogs have got it going on

This Gamzix game is quite simply a cuteness overload. From posh poodles, to bug-eye pugs and even the Doge dog himself, Dogs and Tails slot beams with graphic excellence and gameplay magic.

Like in every game of “cat and dog”, there is, well, a cat and a dog, and things are no different here. The Scatter symbol is a “sCATter symbol” of an obese Burmese. Man, I didn’t realize I knew my cat breeds so well.

All these pets need to go on a diet. Pronto. Leave the cat fat though, it gives us more rewards to squeeze.


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Does your dog also go wild for tennis balls?

Mine rips it apart in T-3 seconds. No fetch, no play, no respect. Guess that’s a bulldog for you. LOL.

Anyway, tennis balls are often dogs’ Achilles heels, and in this 96% RTP slot it’s a central feature. Not only does it act as a Wild symbol, but it also facilitates Rising Wild Multipliers in the free spins round where these Wilds become Sticky Wilds.

So, basically, once it lands, its multiplier number will increase by 1x as every spin occurs. And this can go on and on, because the max multiplier for a Sticky Wild is unlimited.


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Cat and dog free spins for the win

You can choose to play one of two Free Spins modes; the Dog Free Spins or the Cat Free Spins. I personally prefer the Cat Free Spins and I’ll tell you why.

The Dog Free Spins begins with 3 rounds, consisting of Sticky Wilds and Rising Wild Multipliers.

With each Wild that lands on the reels, the free spins number will reset to 3. Needless to say, if you don’t land any Wilds in a mere 3 spins, then the whole round is pretty much a waste.

But if you do land a Wild, then not only will you likely win nicely, but you’ll get more free spins to use.

The Cat Free Spins in this medium to high volatility game, on the other hand, transform all dog symbols into cool cats where 9 free spins will be rewarded. The Sticky Wild feature, Rising Wild Multipliers, and the Symbols Replacement feature are all in play.

I generally just had a better time with the cats than the dogs when it came to the bonus rounds, but this is all about personal preference I guess.


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Knock the wins out of the park!

While there is no shortage of pet slots on the internet, I always get pretty keen to see the new ones come out. It’s a welcome break from scarab beetles and shamrocks.

Dogs and Tails slot is a pretty weird name. Surely the two are connected by skin, bone, and sinew? Regardless, it’s fun, it’s fresh, and it can get you winning big.

So, if you’re home alone this weekend where the only thing sharing your bed is a slobbering mutt, then the only thing left is to add this slot to the mix. Sounds like the perfect plan to me.