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Let the Universe Guide You in Steampunk: Wheel of Destiny Slot

One of the games that breaks the mold of how a slot should look and function is the spectacular Steampunk: Wheel of Destiny. The design itself is absolute world class and if you are looking to shift gears and change things up, this is the slot for you.

Although technically it uses steam to rotate its gears, it is the circle of life in the universe that drives the game and has the power to change your life forever. With the sun, moon, planet and the stars all aligned, these wheels turn in ways you have never seen before and the gameplay is as smooth as ever.

Summon the Shuffler feature, re-spins, bonus game and whatever other powers needed for the €126,300 and put the wheels in motion!

Not Like All the Others

PG Soft uses 3 wheels instead of the classic reels and you will quickly realize, this game is not like all the others. There are no paylines to keep track of, instead you create winning combinations by landing 4 or more matching adjacent symbols.

The wheels will turn to a 95.62% RTP and a medium volatility, gently guiding you to the 421x multiplier and a €126,300 max win. You will find a very generous bet limit of €300 so there is definitely the possibility of big wins.


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Shuffle the Wheels to Trigger the Features

Above the wheels you will find 2 shufflers, each of them pointing to a fixed position. With every spin, they will display a random symbol. The 4 symbols used for the shuffler are the planet, sun, moon or star. Starting to see a pattern?

If one of the symbols in the shuffler matches the one it is pointing to, you will be given a re-spin. However, if you manage to get both symbols to match their pointing symbols, you will trigger the bonus feature.

Roll Out the Re-Spins

Once the re-spin feature is activated, the wheel that set it all in motion will be frozen, while the other two will spin again. Also, in order to give you another chance at the bonus feature, the other shuffler will be given a new random symbol to match.

Bonus Feature Here We Come

When you line it all up and trigger the bonus feature, you will be shown 8 tiles, each with a value attached to it. There will also be a Take Win value, which adds up to the average of all the other values.

Your options are now to accept the value on offer or choose to gamble. It reminds you of Deal or No Deal. If you choose to take your chances, one of the tiles will be removed and a new value will be offered.

This can go on until you have either accepted and taken the win or if there is only one tile left on the board.

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Let It Be Your Wheel of Destiny

It’s a fantastic looking game, plain and simple, and is such a smooth play. Giving you a new take on a slot machine is quite refreshing and it’s good to know where to turn if you want to shake things up.

If you are already a fan of steampunk, you will love the game but if you have yet to explore the concept, don’t worry, you will most certainly be a fan after this.