Lucky Lady’s Clover slot could be your lucky charm!

Lucky Lady’s Clover slot is one of BitStarz Top Games for the month and we can totally see why our players enjoy it so much. Inspired by the Celtic culture, this provably fair slot has us all feeling the luck of the Irish – because this is a folkloric fairy-tale at its finest!

As kids, we spent hours sorting through fields of clovers in search for that four-leafed one, but in this slot, they’re everywhere, YAY. Take a trip through the majestic woods where you’ll be met by the Lucky Lady fairy who resides there, and follow her on an enchanting quest to the end of the rainbow where your pot of gold is waiting.

Play with these lucky charms

You know what they say, ‘luck be a lady’, and BGaming has put lady luck at center stage in this 97.31% RTP slot. Are you ready to be showered with good fortune and good vibes? Let’s go…

The reels of Lucky Lady’s Clover slot are filled with the symbols that are believed to bring about Irish luck, and they are: Horse Shoes, Rainbows, Four-Leaf Clovers, Pots of Gold, and Golden Coins. Paying homage to the slot predecessors, you’ll also find Card Deck Royals on the reels.

The Wild symbol is of the Celtic Fairy in all her splendour, and the Scatter symbol is of a Leprechaun’s Top Hat.


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Claim your fortune with the special features

Remember those fields of clovers? Well, let the nostalgia set in because having 3 or more Top Hat symbols land on the reels will take us back to the good old days, and award us with 15 Free Spins. Each free spins round will clear the field of clovers to reveal the landed symbols, and, all free spin wins that you achieve will be tripled!


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The Free Spins bonus isn’t the only generous offering here, Lucky Lady’s Clover slot also gives us the change to multiply our winnings by two or four times with its Gamble Game.

If you’re feeling lucky, then you can play the Gamble Game by guessing which color the middle card will land on, red or black. If you guess correctly, your winnings will be doubled. If you’re keen to get a little more risqué, then you can go ahead and guess which suit the middle card will land on, where your win will be quadrupled if your guess was correct.


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With these games of chance, anything could happen… So why not put your luck on the line with the features in this medium volatility slot?

Get lucky with Lucky Lady’s Clover!

When we say you can get lucky with Lucky Lady’s Clover slot, oh boy, do we mean it. Spinning these charmed reels can have you doing the Leprechaun dance with a win of up to €360,000. Luck like this we only hear about in the storybooks, but at BitStarz a win this big can could be a spin away!

See where your luck takes you in Lucky Lady’s Clover slot, it’s a Top Game for a reason and the very game that could have you walking away with a glistening pot of gold.