Discover Hidden Riches in Crystal Golem slot

Deep underground, past the pipes and cables through the rock and the odd fossil lies a world of mystery and wonder. This world evolved from rock and crystal, enabling lifeforms like nothing you’ve ever seen before to thrive. And like their human counterparts on the surface, the golems are the pinnacle of this evolutionary tree.

Grab your best flashlight and dust off your spelunking gear because we’re going cave diving in Crystal Golem slot from Print Studios!

Does anyone have a match? It’s dark down here!

Once you’ve managed to get your flashlight working again, you’ll discover a world of gleaming beauty!

Crystal Golem slot is set in an underground cavern with crystals covering every surface. The sound is beautifully implemented to give the space depth. Each click of the spin button sounds like it’s bouncing off the cavern walls. The result is an incredibly immersive experience created by a few simple sounds. Quick recommendation, play this one with headphones on.


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The slot itself doesn’t disappoint either. Every element is meticulously themed, and the reels are populated with beautiful otherworldly creatures and plants. Just discovering each of the symbols will be exciting, never mind the €400,000 jackpot in the mix.

Discover the mysterious wonders that lie below

The mysterious world of Crystal Golem slot is powered by SuperSpinners, which are small gems that appear randomly between reels. These gems fuel their existence and offer you the chance for big wins!

When they’re charged, SuperSpinners carry enough power to award a random multiplier. If you land a winning combination that crosses a Charged SuperSpinner, your win will be boosted by the multiplier.

Base game SuperSpinners are, however, not the highest clarity wins you’ll discover!

If you’re looking for truly magical wins, you’ll need to jump into a portal to the cavern of evolution. Once you do, you’ll receive up to 16 free spins and be transported to the seat of all creation! To activate the portal, you’ll need to grab three or more portal symbols.

Do you remember when you played Pokemon on Game Boy, and you could evolve your creatures to make them stronger? Well, same thing here.

During a round of free spins, if a Wild Golem symbol touches a Charged SuperSpinner, it will evolve into a level 2 golem enabling it to remain on the reels for a single extra spin. The reel that the golem evolved on will also be upgraded, ensuring that every subsequent golem symbol will automatically be upgraded to level 2.


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That isn’t even their final form! If you hit a Charged SuperSpinner for a second time on the same reel, you’ll upgrade all the subsequent golem symbols to level 3, which will allow them to remain on the reels for two extra spins. If you manage to upgrade every single one of the reels to level 3, you’ll get an additional four free spins and a shot at the highest clarity wins!

Is Crystal Golem slot friend or foe?

Crystal Golem slot is unpredictable. With exciting bonus features and a €400,000 jackpot, he can be the best friend you’ve ever had. But with high volatility and only a 96.36 RTP rating, it’s always possible that he’ll turn on you when you least expect it.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter, though. With beautiful graphics, stunning sound design, and a chance to win a HUGE jackpot, you’ll want to spend time with the Crystal Golem slot. So, just crank down your bet amount and enjoy.

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