Practice Playing Live Casino Games with Vivo Gaming Lobby


The world of live casino gaming can be a little daunting and scary for the uninitiated. However, Vivo Gaming is aiming to make this seemingly scary world a lot friendlier, by letting you play live games with practice money so you can get the hang of the action in a risk-free environment.

To gain access, all you have to do is head over to the table games selection and pick Vivo Lobby. If you can’t find it, there might be a good chance it’s not available in your current region – a quick change of IP location should do the trick.

Play Any Table Game Your Heart Desires

If there is a specific table game you want to try out, you won’t be looking for long before you find the perfect stream. Vivio Lobby packs all your favorite table games with two variants – mini and VIP. Mini variant simply has lower betting limits, while VIP allows you to crank up those bets and take home truly huge wins.

Watch Out for Slow Internet

While Vivo Lobby is one of a kind, it’s not that kind to users with slower internet connections. If you’re playing on mobile data outside of a 4G zone, the video feed may keep cutting out – the same can be said for slower home internet connections. Don’t worry though, your bets will still be placed and winnings will still be credited to your account. If you have a slower connection. Evolution Games has some of the best autoscaling, systems, so you won’t miss out on a second of the action.

The Perfect Place to Practice!

No other live game provider allows you to play with practice money, so make sure you fill your boots and work on those new strategies. There are plenty of betting strategies to try out on multiple different games. If you fancy taking on a roulette table, why don’t you try out the modified Martingale system or look into practicing the Fibonacci system. When you’re playing with demo money, you can afford to make mistakes and fine tune your strategy.

Once you’re happy with your strategy and feel comfortable with the world of live casino play, you can either load up your balance to the table and start playing, or check out some of the other live games on offer at BitStarz. While demo bets won’t earn you any points towards Table Wars, all bets made with real money and crypto will earn you points. If you collect enough points you could finish in the top 30 and bag yourself a slice of €1,000 every week!

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