On the Other Side of 300 in Undefeated Xerxes Slot

Xerxes was a Persian leader who sacked Athens and gave the mighty Greek empire a run for its money. Undefeated, however, he is not. Ultimately, the Greek armies mounted a counteroffensive that saw Xerxes flee Europe and ultimately give up his ambitions of conquest. In the end, he was assassinated by his own bodyguard.

If we excuse the historical inaccuracies of the title, Undefeated Xerxes slot from Play’n GO may still have something to offer.

Welcome to Persia

The slot has two different wild symbols. The red Spartan warrior wild is a standard wild that will substitute for all other symbols to complete winning combinations. The green Spartan warrior wilds are multiplier wilds that will apply a 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x multiplier to any winning combination it is involved in.


Play Now

Three or more Xerxes bonus symbols will trigger a round of 10 free spins. During a round of free spins, all wild symbols that appear on the reels will leave wild frames behind. If a wild symbol lands on top of a wild frame, the frame will be upgraded. On the very last spin, all wild frames will be transformed into either wild symbols or wild multiplier symbols.

In addition to the wild and multiplier wilds, a wild hero symbol can also appear on the final spin of a round of free spins. The wild hero symbol will carry a 25x multiplier.

Is Undefeated Xerxess slot ready to face the Spartans?

Play’n GO’s Undefeated Xerxes slot offers a 10,000x max multiplier, which gives you a shot at playing for up to $200,000 in winnings when betting at $20 a spin. Betting starts at $0.10, and high volatility means that small, consistent wins won’t be forthcoming. The slot offers an RTP of 96.2%.

The graphics for Undefeated Xerxes slot are weird. Not bad, just odd. The reels are, for example, flanked by two Spartan guards. This is an odd choice, considering the game’s title. The guards are also half alive and half embedded in stone columns. The resulting image is an odd one. It looks like something an AI image generator would create. It’s clear there were a number of very talented artists who worked on this game. They appear to have lacked direction, though. Things aren’t much better with the bonus features. They’re not bad, either. They just aren’t themed, and they’re not particularly unique. I give this one a five out of ten.

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