Run With the Buffalos and Rack up the Wins in Buffalo Hunter Slot

An estimated 30-60 million of the mighty buffaloes once roamed free across the American prairie but did you know it can run as fast as a horse and jump as high as 6 feet? Considering its ferocious power, it’s not an animal you want to go head to head with.

You do want to take on the reels of the Buffalo Hunter slot though as this is the way to go if you are looking to for a payday and get your hands on the €404,704 max win! Slamming the brakes won’t even cross your mind as this game is as wild as the buffaloes once were.

Mystery symbols, free spins, prairie multipliers and the spectacular Stampede Super Bonus will give you a taste of what’s coming, so ready or not, it’s time to let the buffalo loose!

The Mood Is Set

Unfortunately you won’t be able to give them complete free range to run but 5 reels and 40 paylines isn’t bad. The tunes of the pan flute will set the mood while you are confronted with some of the most recognizable animals from North America.

As mentioned earlier, the max win is a very attractive €404,704. It’s a high volatility game but with a 96.01% RTP and a 12,647x multiplier, this is a great opportunity to make some money, especially with the amount of bonus features standing by for action.


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Let’s Load up on Features

The mighty buffalo is a herd animal so it’s only logical that the game has more than a few features, 5 to be exact. Let’s take a closer look and see what they are and how they can help you win.

Mystery Symbols – The green swirl is the mystery symbol and it will arrive in a smaller batch, always stacked, revealing one random symbol.

Get a Grip on 3 Types of Free Spins

Staying close to the roots of buffaloes and Native Americans, the totem pole is the scatter. You’re going to want to attract as many of them as possible so do a dance, repeat certain mantras or whatever you need to do to summon them to your reels.

Landing 3 of them will get you 8 free spins, while 4 will boost that number to 10. Doing this will get you a choice of the Buffalo Horde or the Prairie Multipliers.

Buffalo Horde – With the 8 or 10 spins you received, your mission is to collect as much energy as you can and transform all the other animals into the buffalo. It will take 5 buffalo symbols to clear each animal and with each transition, you will get an additional 2 free spins. Rack up the energy quickly as the biggest wins will only appear for the buffalo!

Prairie Multipliers – The same goes for this one. Collect the energy to increase the win multiplier of each animal. Get up to 5x multiplier and you can also get additional spins.

Say Hello to the Stampede Super Bonus

You will need 5 scatters in order to trigger this baby as it will combine both other free spin features into one. Start off with 12 spins and continue to collect energy and get closer to the buffalo multiplier.

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Bribe the Buffalo and Start Spinning

Life is short and sometimes you just can’t be bothered with waiting. The guys at Nolimit City had that in mind so you will have the option of cutting the line and buying your way into the free spin party!

It will cost you a fair share but sometimes it can’t be helped as you do want to get the free spins!

A Stampede of Wins

Playing the Buffalo Hunter slot is a treat. It looks great and plays great, with the potential of big wins which makes everything better.

The max win is out there waiting for you on the plains and what better way to get there than by hitting the reels and start spinning. Get ready for a stampede of wins!