Sell Your Soul For Fortune and Fame in Devil’s Crossroad Slot!

Nolimit City’s first release of 2024 is in, and it’s fiery as hell!

Word around the streets is that they’ve shifted into high gear and come to disrupt the world of slots even more than ever this year. And, if Devil’s Crossroad slot is anything to go by – they’re not messing around.

In this game of redemption, where the devil deals the cards, you’re selling your soul for fame, and a $316,320 fortune, with all new features!

Will you be making a deal with the devil for extreme wins? How bad could it be? There’s only a 4-eyed cat and Mr. Lucy to contend with.

Crossroads and Crosslinks

The reels don’t spin here because there aren’t any. This slot uses Nolimit City’s Crossways setup that we saw in Gluttony slot, and it’s so fitting…

Just like the actual Devil’s Crossroad in Mississippi, where Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil to become a blues legend, the game grid allows for wins to be made in any direction.

Further playing on this ‘crossroads’ theme, you’ll see Cross Multipliers and Cross Wilds coming in to take your game from basic to banging in a single spin!


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A Pop Culture Masterpiece

I am a huge fan of Nolimit City, I find their games to be iconic. Yup, I went there. And this 96.06% RTP slot is no different.

Apart from playing off such a cool story like the Devil’s Crossroad, this game is a pop-culture masterpiece. The devil’s imitating Leo DiCaprio, or rather Jay Gatsby from that ultra-famous meme with the cocktail glass.

I’m pretty sure the tattooed chick and blue-haired dude are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly references. The selfie-taking influencer could really be any one of the world’s Kylie Jenner wannabes. Oh, and is that Jeffrey Epstein? Maybe. I wouldn’t put it past Nolimit City.

That’s the tame. We then have the demonic side – pentagrams, 4-eyed cats, skulls, ram horns, you know, the devil’s typical keepsakes. Even the soundtrack is magic.


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Free Spins for Redemption

Take a seat in the devil’s chair, because the perfect deal is waiting to be made in the Redemption Spins bonus!

The 3-2-1 coin collector game is NLC’s take on the popular Coin Respin mechanic, but fused with their unique spin on things.

It’s packed with features named after the Seven Deadly Sins, each of which gets triggered once a column fills up. All features boost the coin values of the ones you’ve collected.

This is one wild ride, where big deals and mad wins are made!


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There’s always a debt to be paid!

The debt here, although extremely volatile, could be a win of 13,180x your bet! Worth it? I think so.

Devil’s Crossroad slot sets the tone for things to come from the provider who operates with no holds barred, and I’m already sold!

If you’re a fan of theirs and keen to dabble with a master at work, then this one’s for you.