Slice Your Way to Wins in The Legend of Musashi Slot

In Japanese mythology Musashi is a sword saint who is known for his unmatched double-bladed swordsmanship and his undefeated dueling status with 61 wins and no defeats. This mostly obscure mythology with some iconic iconography makes the story a perfect theme for a Peter & Sons slot.

Grab your sword and let the training begin in The Legend of Musashi slot.

Learn the way of the sword

The Legend of Musashi slot has cascading wins that will remove all symbols involved in a winning combination allowing new symbols to fall into their place. This gives you a chance to win multiple times with each and every spin. Additionally, with each cascading win, a global multiplier will be increased by 1x. So, if you manage to string together a number of cascading wins you’ll be in for some impressive multiplied wins.


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During gameplay, you will receive scatter symbols that will be added to animal symbol meters found below the reels. Every 65 scatters that you collect will unlock an animal symbol triggering the Power Mode bonus feature. Once triggered, you will receive a random number of lives represented by throwing stars. You can then start spinning with Power Mode activated.

Each time a wild appears on the reels during Power Mode, one of the throwing stars will covert it into an expanding wild to complete winning combinations using up one life. Once all your lives are used up, Power Mode will no longer be active. If the number of lives is less than the number of wilds on the reels, then the wilds will be converted from left to right until there are no more lives left.


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Free Spins are triggered with the appearance of three or more scatter symbols on the reels. Three scatter symbols will grant you 10 free spins with an extra two free spins being added with each additional scatter used to unlock the feature. During Monster Free Spins, all wilds are converted into expanding wilds, and just like the base game, the global multiplier is reset after each spin. If you get lucky, you may just unlock a round of Super Free Spins. This round of free spins is almost identical to Monster Free Spins apart from the fact that the global multiplier is not reset after each spin and will continue to grow throughout your round of Super Free Spins.


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If you’re not keen on learning the way of the sword, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s bonus features. You can either select to buy a round of free spins or to get 65 scatter symbols added to the Power Mode meter to unlock a new animal symbol.

Is Legend of Musashi slot sharp or dull?

I think I may be a little biased to review Peter & Sons games because I am such a huge fan. However, I think the quality of the slot developer’s products really do speak for themselves. Each slot is crafted with such care and attention to detail and The Legend of Musashi slot is no exception. The slot is beautifully crafted with some astonishing illustrations, animations, and music. It also has a number of interesting bonus features that offer several ways to win. All in all, this one gets the thumbs up from me.

In addition to the beautifully illustrated graphics and fun gameplay, The Legend of Musashi slot also has an impressive 20,000x max multiplier that will have you playing for the €200,000 max win at just €10 a spin. The slot does, however, have high volatility meaning that you’ll be waiting longer than you’d like between wins. It also has an RTP of 96%.

If you’re looking for a few other phenomenal slots from Peter & Sons, I recommend giving Xibalba and Voodoo Hex a try. Although, as far as I’m concerned as long as it’s a Peter & Sons slot you really don’t need to worry about which slot it is, they’re all great.