The Gigantic Lucky Neko Gigablox Slot Says Go Big or Go Home!

Size does matter and anyone who says differently must not have landed a big win on slots. Just ask Yggdrasil Gaming because they are going all in with their earth-shattering Lucky Neko Gigablox slot, where all sizes are part of the game but it is the gigablox that will get you paid! It’s not Tetris but as the blocks find their way onto the reels, you can get your hands on the €278,120 max win, which will turn you into a believer regarding the importance of size!

The theme is Japanese fortune and the Daruma dolls on the reels are here to bring you good luck, so start spinning and feel the bookshelf vibrate as you continue to rack up supersized wins.

Arigato Yggdrasil!

As you sit down in front of the 6 reels with up to 85 paylines, you can sense the calming atmosphere of the setting you are in but when the shelves start shaking, it’s time for action! The Daruma dolls play an important role in Japanese culture and are known to bring luck. In this case it’s the pink doll that holds the highest value and your wild is represented by the golden cat.

The famous dolls will come in different sizes. In the base game they can appear in sizes 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 and during the free spins mode you can add an impressive 5×5 and 6×6. Not that it needs it, but this mix makes the whole game even more exciting and it’s refreshing to see a new take on things. Arigato Yggdrasil!


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How to Get to the Free Spins

The lucky cat symbol is your ticket to the ever so popular free spins and when you land 5 or more of them you are on your way. You will get 1 free spin for every free spin you land so you will start with at least 5 of them. If you were to get the Gigablox free spin symbol you can get all the way up to 16 free spins. When you land the lucky cat during your free spins you will get 1 extra spin, so land as many as you possibly can to maximize your wins.

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The Bigger the Better

Things can get a bit nuts during free spins and we don’t know what they feed these dolls but they grow and can reach 6×6 in size. We say the bigger the better and landing the right symbols during free spins can make a massive difference as the payouts are 5 times higher than during the base game and this is your chance to get your hands on the 6,953x your stake monster!

A Taste for More Wins

We love this game and it’s ginormous blox and wins. If you enjoy this slot, you will have no problem finding a whole lot more in our game lobby and if playing has given you a taste for more wins, take a trip over to Slot Wars where you can get a slice of €5,000 every week!