Can You Avoid Being Abducted by Aliens in the Visitors Slot?

Attention earthlings! It has come to our attention that there has been another sighting of extraterrestrial activities in the area. Unearthly forces have once again landed and tension is running high.

For anyone who dares to take charge and stand up to them in the Visitors slot, there is a chance at a €400,000 reward and much, much more. Multiplier respins, sticky wilds and the earth shattering Alien Invasion Free Spins Bonus feature will keep you on your toes as you take on the invaders.

Seeing what they can do to our cows, befriend or not befriend the aliens, that is the question!

Put an End to It

Making sure they mark their new territory, the Martians settled on 5 reels and 3,125 paylines. In an obvious alien theme, the spaceships seem to enjoy one particular little town, known for their many alien sightings. Will they continue to come or are you able to put an end to it?

Play Now

Considering there is a €400,000 max win and a 10,000x multiplier reward on the line, somebody will surely deal with the situation at hand. The game has medium volatility and a 96.10% RTP that should help you gather the courage needed.

Let’s Spin Again

To make things easier for you, ELK Studios made sure to throw in 4 bonus features. If you are a fan of respins, you should be excited as there are 3 different versions that are sure to make you a buck or two.

Play Now

When you spot 2 respin symbols on reel 1 and 5, you will trigger the respins and 2 of the 3 features will be active. Let’s take a look at what they can do for you:

  • Big O Beam: One of your symbols will grow into a studly 2×2 or 3×3 version.
  • Abduction: It sounds worse than it is because you will have a win multiplier to look forward to.
  • Alien Attack: Up to 5 sticky wilds are added to the reels.

Alien Invasion Free Spins

When 3 spaceship bonus symbols appear, free spins are triggered and this is where you can take care of them once and for all.

Mini reels will come into play and you can start to spin your 5 initial free spins. Your mission, should you accept it, is to land spaceships. The silver ones will get you extra spins and you can even build multiplier walls.

Landing silver spaceships within these walls will double your multipliers and gold spaceships even more so. If you figure out a way to maximize your efforts, you can look forward to a 4,096x multiplier. Take that, aliens!

Spark Your Protective Instincts

If there was a real alien invasion, we would be in some serious trouble but thankfully this one has a lighthearted cartoon vibe. However, if you don’t take it seriously, you can lose out on the big wins and a ton of cash.

So, let this spark your protective instincts and save the town while getting generously rewarded as a bonus!