Thunderous Wins Make the Ground Shake in the Buffalo Rampage Slot

When a herd of buffalos decide to run for it across the great plains, you can literally feel the ground shaking. It’s a demonstration of raw power and you don’t want to stand in the way of the almost 1,000 kilos of pure muscle. Spinomenal is letting us get up close and personal with the herd in the thunderous Buffalo Rampage slot and it’s one for the books. Yee-haw!

You can probably feel the vibration when you hit the €25,000 max win and the quickest way to get there is through the free spins. However, when you put the mystery coins in motion, the door can also swing open to the bonus game where the 1,000x Jackpot is waiting to be scooped up! Don’t neglect the ever so useful buy feature if you want to speed things up.

The key to your success is the golden buffalo so let’s try and find it!

Let Them Hear You Roar

Head into the North American wilderness and take a swing at the 5 reels and 1,024 paylines. Buffalo isn’t the only wild animal in these hoods and bears, wolves, moose and the eagle are all joining the party. With this amount of testosterone in one place, there’s no way you are walking away empty handed!


Play Now

You are in for a treat and with the perfect mix of medium volatility, a 96.30% RTP plus a 1,000x multiplier and €25 bet level, things are looking as bright as a sunrise on the prairie.

Collect Mystery Coins

Keep your eyes open for the golden mystery coin and it takes three of them to trigger the Mystery Coin feature and this is where your faith will be decided. In a heads or tail flip, you will either trigger free spins or the bonus game.

Golden Buffalo Free Spins

During your free spins, you will see the other majestic animals in a progress bar on your left. The key to filling these is the golden buffalo symbol and you need 5 of them to level up, giving you an extra 5 free spins.

Play Now

Each animal that gets filled will be turned into the buffalo symbol for the remainder of your free spins, so keep ‘em coming, cowboy!

The Jackpot Bonus Round

If the coin should land on the bonus side, the bonus game is triggered and this is where you can get your hands on a Jackpot. You will have one shot at spinning the bonus wheel and the big Jackpot is worth 1,000x your bet.

Should you for some reason not get what you wanted, you will have the option of buying another spin. This option is only available if you don’t win a Jackpot which is a win-win if you think about it!

A Certain Mystique

Playing the Buffalo Rampage slot makes it even more clear as why the Native Americans considered the mighty buffalo to be sacred. Sure, in this case it’s all about the wins but there is a certain mystique surrounding this mighty animal. Start playing and see if you can figure it out!