Take a Run at the Big Money With the Maze Escape Megaways Slot

We have not yet had the pleasure of exploring some of the world’s greatest mazes. The Longleat Maze in England, Ashcombe Maze in Australia and Villa Pisani Labyrinth in Italy are all legendary. Ask your friends about mazes and we are willing to bet that most of them won’t have a clue about the ones mentioned above. However, they will probably mention the one where an ax-wielding Jack Nicholson chases his son during the climax of 1980’s The Shining.

Dealing with “ Here’s Johnny” is bad enough but imagine having a blood-thirsty Minotaur on your tail while trying to make it out of the maze. Well, that’s what you’re up against in the latest release from Fantasma Games, the Maze Escape Megaways slot. The reason why you’ll be more than ok with it is because there’s a €250,000 max win and a lot more on the line.

Sounds like a challenge you’re willing to accept? We thought so!

Leaning Tower of Pisa

This must be where the leaning tower of Pisa comes from. Who knew! Jokes aside, the landscape surrounding the 6×7 reel grid is very impressive and with the Megaways action ready to rumble, this should be fun.

It’s an ancient Greek theme but we’re not quite feeling the vibe from the environment. The reels however are filled with Greek letters, helmets, coins and axes but also 3 different male symbols, with the golden boy worth the most. There are also a couple of secret symbols, known as Maze Blockers, but more about them a bit later.


Play Now

You need that €250,000 max win as a carrot to enter the maze and with medium/high volatility and 96.15% RTP, the escape will be oh so sweet. You can really put your money where your mouth is with a €100 bet limit. All you need to do to land the big kahuna is to locate the 25,000x multiplier.

Meet the Maze Blockers

There are 3 types of Maze Blockers which can be unlocked with the Shifting Maze Avalanche feature. These are all here to help you so whenever you can, let them loose.

  • Athena: When unlocked, activates the Guidance of Athena feature.
  • Minotaur: When unlocked, activates the Minotaur Wild feature.
  • Labyrinth: When unlocked, awards an added multiplier or additional Labyrinth Free Spins.

Battle the Shifting Maze Avalanche

So, how do you activate the above blockers? As you begin, you’ll see one position on the first reel being highlighted with a frame. If you can create a winning combo with this symbol included, you’ll trigger the Shifting Maze Avalanche feature and the symbol becomes the Path symbol.

All blocker, Path and Minotaur symbols will be locked while the rest will be removed. The reels will make a shift to the left and a new reel will appear. After each shift, 2 random blocker symbols are unlocked and can now step in to help you win big.

Guidance of Athena

The golden bird will fly over and drop an additional 1-4 Path symbols, increasing your chances of creating another winning combo. Nice!

Minotaur Wild

If you can unlock the Minotaur symbol, it will appear fully expanded across the entire reel. Not only will he scare some players, he will also give you a multiplier of up to 7x.

Play Now

While you continue your Avalanche shifting, he will come along for the ride. There is a chance more than one of them can show and if that happens, the multipliers will be combined. Boom!

Labyrinth Free Spins

You need to land 3 bonus symbols in order to get a taste of 10 free spins. The Shifting Maze Avalanche will continue on each of your winning spins, regardless of the Path symbol.

The blocker symbols will want to be a part of the action and we can’t recommend enough that you try and unlock them.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Ok, this game was something different and we love it! The change of scenery and gameplay was just what the doctor ordered and with this amount of big wins on the line, we expect the Maze Escape Megaways slot to be a hit.

We didn’t see Jack Nicholson anywhere, so spinning the reels feels safe. In other words, grab your duffel bag and let’s start filling it with some Megaways cash!