Take a Spin With a Deadly Sin in Gluttony Slot!

I was curious about the big, bad, blasphemous 7 Deadly Sins for a long time. Especially sloth – because what is “sloth” even?

I am a living, walking embodiment of a 7 Deadly Sins sinner. Damn, it’s easier to break those than it is to break a nail. But then, aren’t we all sinners in our own right? Especially Fat Bastard over here, from Nolimit City’s newest game, Gluttony slot.

This gross dude is always in the mood for food, which works for me because I’m in the mood for the €320,000 max win this title is dishing out. And maybe a burger.

Still Nolimit City

This provider has a knack for shocking its player base the world over with their super strange, mostly disturbing slot game themes.

I am glad they “toned things down” in Gluttony slot because I was getting a bit messed in the head from all the blood, murder, drug use, and total mayhem happening in their recent releases. And no, I am not soft. I am traumatized.

This Nolimit City game, of course, appeals to their unconventional nature but won’t leave you questioning your sanity, which is a bonus. It’s all about a fat guy called Fat Bastard (original), who has servers running amuck around him, satisfying that massive appetite for food, and in our case, for wins.


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Order’s Up

It comes as no surprise to me that Gluttony slot has extreme volatility. Like, why wouldn’t it? Most other NLC games do. But, making up for it are the excellent features we’ve come to know and love from the provider.

For the Reel Area, there is a tumble-type feature that destroys and replaces winning symbols to help you milk the most out of a spin. When this happens, multiplied multipliers are added to the menu, which is a great base game touch.

Other awesome modifiers, like the xZone Sauce, Wild Pot, and varying Bell Scatters, are complemented by this. Wait ‘till you land 3 of those.


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Golden Bell Spins

To win the Fedcon 1 Bonus, you must land a Golden Bell, which will trigger Golden Bell Spins… And, when 3 Golden Bells are won in a row, Fedcon 1 will be yours to feed on.

Confusing, I know. But just let the game guide you. During Fedcon 1, you’ll have 6 initial spins to use to upgrade to higher levels. This is done when Fat Bastard gets wins.

When new levels are reached, new spins and multipliers are added to the pot to keep the meaty momentum going. This bonus game is quite something – I suggest you give it a go, even if it means buying it and seeing it once in your life.


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Dig in!

Although still highly offensive, like the OG Fat Bastard was, this Nolimit City game is great! It is jam-packed with features (and food, so keep Uber Eats close), exciting twists and turns, phenomenal graphics and gameplay, and most of all, a 96.09% RTP with a maximum win of 32,000x your stake.

If that’s not a game of greatness then I don’t know what is! Check out Gluttony slot at BitStarz… I hope you feed on the fortunes it offers. Good luck, buttercup.