Go on a Hunt for Wins in Cyber Wolf Slot

In the future, when human beings succumb to climate change, the age of the wolf will begin. These wolves were cybernetically enhanced to fight the human’s war, but now they use their enhancements to heal the planet. Oh, wait, this isn’t the pitch room for bad b-grade movies? Slots, you say? That’ll work! Enter Cyber Wolf slot from Endorphina.

Are you related to Crocubot?

In Rick and Morty’s Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender episode, Rick pokes fun at Crocubot, saying, “you’re half cold unfeeling reptile half also cold equally unfeeling machine. So your origin is what? That you fell in a vat of redundancy.”

When I laid eyes on Cyber Wolf slot, I immediately thought of this line. It’s such a weird concept. Cold unfeeling predator mixed with an equally cold unfeeling machine. It’s, as Rick so astutely points out, a little redundant.


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The absurdity continues into the symbols with a half-wolf half-robot bust, robot claws, and a wolf on the roof of a building howling at the moon as lightning strikes – it’s very Highlander. The background in the base game is pretty standard but during a round of free spins, you’re lifted into the clouds. Why I hear you ask. Well, I do not have a cooking clue. It’s fun, though.

So, do you fly or shoot lasers from your eyes?

This slot may be cybernetically enhanced, but that doesn’t stop it from being a little short on bonus features. In fact, the slot really doesn’t have anything more than a wild symbol and a free spins feature. Luckily, the free spins feature does have a bit of a twist to keep things exciting.


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With the appearance of three or more howling wolf scatter symbols, you’ll unlock a round of eight free spins. Once triggered, a wheel will spin to determine which symbol will act as an additional wild during the entire round. That’s not all, though.

Every one of Cyber Wolf slot’s other symbols will have a corresponding meter at the top of the reels. These meters will be filled with the appearance of a lightning symbol in the corner of the respective symbols. Once each meter is full, that symbol will also turn wild and award an extra free spin.

Is Cyber Wolf slot ready to join the Vindicators?

When I first launched Cyber Wolf slot, I loved its absurdity. The silly half-wolf half-robot concoction was exactly what I was looking for on a Thursday evening. Then, I started playing it. It’s not that it was bad. It just never really leans into its absurdity, and its bonus features can’t make up for that.

Do you remember that part where I said that Cyber Wolf slot was cold and unfeeling? Well, the numbers back that up. Sure, that headline €375,000 max win is incredibly enticing, but that’s just bait. The slot offers a disappointing 96% RTP rating with an equally disappointing 6,250x max multiplier. Plus, with the high volatility, you best be careful with this one, or you might come out bloody.

If you’re keen on staying robotic, I recommend instead giving Robots: Energy Conflict or Wild Robo Factory a try.