The Candy Crush Slot Is Full of Sweet Dreams and Juicy Wins!

Remember Candy Crush? The game that took the world by storm? Well, it finally made it onto the slots (kinda), and its launch on the reels is literally 10-years overdue.

I, for one, got to level 1,565… And don’t think I wasn’t spending my college allowance on in-app purchases to refill lives – I did this all the time. It was an obsession. Thankfully Candy Crush is proudly out of my system, but I had to give this slot a spin for old time’s sake.

It’s not quite what I was expecting, though. It’s sort of like those Gucci glasses you buy on the side of the road. A rip-off of a good thing. But worth a check-in.

One word to rule them all

I like a provider who pushes the boundaries, and Mascot does that right here. They hoped to bring our candy dreams to our screens by using a VERY familiar title to catch our attention. But these fruits have a different formula to the King creation.

It’s called The Candy Crush slot… Emphasis on ‘the.’ So they’re well within their rights (I think) to put their own spin on this mobile success. But do their tactics work?

Short answer, no. The slot is misleading, but they can’t trick a trickster like me. The artwork conveniently has the word ‘the’ written in pretty small font, and it even has a crown that’s meant to resemble the original developer – King. But once I got into The Candy Crush slot, all expectations flew right out of the window like a bird on heat.


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The €45,000 win makes it worth a spin

A lot of time and effort goes into creating and developing slots, so who am I not to give this masquerading slot a try?

I definitely do not recall Candy Crush having croissants, meringues, and donuts as symbols in the game. But they sure make for a sweet treat, and so do the slot’s features. Once I got over the shock of what I was seeing, this slot actually surprised me with all the fun I had playing it.

It has a bigger grid than other video slots suspects, giving me, and hopefully you, more ways to win. Let’s pop the cherry and take the features for a ride.


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The features are full of flavor

The Candy Crush slot is a medium volatility slot that has a 95.2% RTP – so it’s perfect for players looking for a sugar rush to riches… Especially with its juicy Risk & Buy feature.

But before we get to that, this slot has a Rockfall Feature, which acts the same as cascading reels, where winning symbols vanish to make way for new wins. It also boasts a Random Feature that is pretty mysterious – like the entire conceptualization of this slot.

During the main game, Wilds, Scatters, and Bonus symbols could fall on the reels at any given time. And like most others, it offers Free Spins, which are always a joy.

As for the illusive Risk & Buy feature, players can risk their winnings and choose one of the different Free Spins series instead. And, they can buy free spins, too, if they aren’t managing to flirt with the fruit.


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Candy Crush or Candy Crash and Burn?

For gameplay, I’d rate this slot a 7/10… For trying to attract us with its antics by using a name that many of us are or were obsessed with, I rate it 2/10.

I think it’s a massive step up from many candy slots, so I think Mascot should have just given a unique name a shot.

If you’ve never played Candy Crush, then The Candy Crush slot will hit your sweet spot. But if you’re a fan of the mobile game, you might find the reenactment of it pretty lame.