Haunted Circus slot holds rewards that will give you goosebumps!

The Haunted Circus slot is where we’re guessing IT comes from. We’re talking of course about the creepy clown from the classic horror film IT, first released in 1990 and re-made in later years. Does that movie not give you serious goosebumps? We agree that regular clowns are quite harrowing, but clowns from horror movies are the absolute worst!

IT most definitely takes the crown, everything about him screams scary. Prepare to meet IT’s spooky family in this horrifyingly fun slot from Hacksaw games.

Clowning around with creeps

The creepy circus music playing in the background is already enough to get your blood curdling. Combine these terrifying circus characters with a hauntingly vivid setting and boy oh boy. The hair on your back starts to raise. Not to say you have hair on your back, hey… no one is accusing anyone of anything here… but you get the picture.


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The interface is designed to look like a circus stage, and a spine-chilling one at that. You get the view from behind the stage curtains, looking out towards the audience. This is no ordinary audience as you will come to notice. Here we see rows of gravestones facing the stage, our onlookers are clearly no longer alive and well… but YOU definitely will be, after hearing what this slot has to offer.

Mystery Madness!

The Wild Mystery Multiplier is a very exciting, and rather unique feature in this slot. Each Wild symbol has a mystery multiplier on the back. Once you get a wild symbol as part of your winning combination, the symbol flips around and displays the multiplier hidden on the back.

When two or more of these wild symbols occur in your combination, your total winning for the spin gets multiplied more than once. So for example, if you had a win of 10x your bet for the spin, with two multipliers say 5x, and 4x, the winnings would be 10x5x4=200 times your bet!

Grab your ticket to the horror show.

The bonus round takes things to another level. Yes, it’s as scary as the main game, in fact, a little more so. As three of the bonus symbols appear scattered on the reels, you will exit the main game and enter a freaky looking graveyard setting with a bonus wheel that looks like it came out of IT’s childhood toy box. This wheel, however, is a toy that you definitely want to play with.


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There are three levels to this wheel, each level spinning around with different cells displaying prizes, you need to stop the wheel whenever you feel the moment is right -great interactive feature The prizes include various amounts of free spins and win multipliers. But the symbols on this wheel that would see you jumping for joy are the arrows.

On the first spin, if you hit the arrow you move to level two and spin again. If you manage to hit the arrow again on level two you move to level three, and by hitting it the third time… ching-ching baby! You’ve just won yourself a jackpot with a max win of € 2,500,000.

FREEky spins!

Meet the red-eyed Ringmaster of the Haunted Circus slot. Free games are awarded during the bonus game, should you hit one of the Free Game symbols while spinning IT’s favorite toy for a win. While in free spin mode, you will notice a lot more Wilds and Multipliers than you would find in the main game. Here is where we see the Ringmaster symbol that would reward you with even more free spins! There’s a reason they call him the Ringmaster you know, it takes more than just a fancy hat and eyes that look like you were born with a hangover, to do the job.

Do you dare spin The Haunted Circus?

The Haunted Circus slot offers mega winning prospects and smooth gameplay that even those who aren’t fans of the dark and ominous theme would thoroughly enjoy. With a 94.83% RTP and high volatility, you could see yourself winning some serious bucks if you can withstand the spine-chilling theme of this slot. Overcome your childhood fears and join the performers in the Haunted Circus for some menacing, yet thrilling, fun!