The St. Patrick’s Day Excitement Begins with Lucky Oak Slot!

St. Patrick’s Day is loading… And with that, comes a flood of Leprechaun slots. YAY. The idea of leprechauns really freaks me out. They’re fairies in the bodies of tiny old men. Then you get those horror movies that insist on turning them demonic.

Thankfully, the new Lucky Oak slot is all rainbows, pots of gold, and clovers. No sign of sadism here. Sorry if you’re into that kinda thing.

I have spent a lot of time in South Africa during my wanderlust years, and over there, they call dudes, “okes”. Yeah the spelling is different but the memories are the same.

So, if you want to be a lucky oke, follow me to the rainbow as we try to manage the creepy 2-foot ginger staring at us the whole way through.

Another lucky charm to add to the mix

Harps might need to take a back seat because I’ve just realized the power of the oak tree. I have played many St. Patrick’s Day slots and don’t remember oak trees in them. Of course, I could have missed them since my attention was on winning, not botany.

Apparently, the oak tree in Irish mythology symbolizes truth, courage, and wisdom. Although in this BGaming slot, we’ll need luck and prosperity, so really what’s the relevance of the tree?

Either way, this is how the proverbial cookie crumbles for the sake of the Lucky Oak storyline, and that’s alright because we can win up to €249,775 here. So by all means, BGaming, add whatever weird inclusion you want.


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This oak takes us back to retro slot days

There isn’t much special about the base game of this very high volatility slot. I kinda just accept that it’s a means to an end. The end being the bonus round and lots of moola (hopefully).

Of course, you can still create killer combinations in it though, but forget all the bells and whistles you see in games like Penny Pelican slot, for example.

So really, we’re here for the bonus round – which is still pretty unique in the world of video slots. We are all really used to Free Spins at this point. So seeing this weird “game” on our screen still takes some familiarizing. I am here for that!


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First things first, you’ll need to either land at least 3 Bonus Symbols on the reels or purchase the Bonus Round using the button on the left-hand side of the screen to activate it.

Effectively, what will appear is a play on the 3-reel slot machine, with each reel acting as a base for a number to fall. 3 numbers will spin and randomly land on the reels, after which will be used as the Multiplier that will be added to your bet and awarded to you as your bonus win.

If 4 Bonus Symbols were used to trigger the bonus round, then an extra x3 multiplier will be applied to your win, and in the case of 5 Bonus Symbols, an extra x10 multiplier will be awarded.

That’s all folks, one round to rule them all. One spin of greatness. Make it count.


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This leprechaun is one generous magician!

Leprechauns get more and more appealing as this review goes on. And so does Lucky Oak slot. The whole game overall isn’t chart-topping amazing, it’s not Elvis Frog in Vegas slot, but it still packs a punch with the bonus round mechanics.

It is definitely worth checking out. And with St. Patrick’s Day coming up soon, you have every reason to 🙂