Hunt for wins that go bump in the night in Hell’Sing Slot

It continues to baffle me how vampires became a fairly mainstream fetish. I mean, the sucking of necks definitely lends itself towards fantasy, but wow, did it get out of hand when Twilight hit the bookshops. Those wine moms went crazy. I, for one, prefer the days of Dracula and Blade. Wesley Snipes slashing and slicing vampires will never get old regardless of how dated the CGI becomes.

Grab your crucifix and your silver bullets and get ready to hunt all the creatures that go bump in the night with Mascot’s new Hell’Sing slot.

The Van Helsings in an alternate reality

The character of Abraham Van Helsing was first introduced in Bram Stoker’s gothic novel Dracula. Since then, his family has become the most widely represented vampire hunters in all of popular culture appearing in books, comics, television shows, and movies.


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With Hell’Sing slot, Mascot put a spin on the name but not on the story. I’ll be honest, I thought it would be a vampire-hunting pop singer, but I was sadly disappointed. It’s set in the same era and is all about hunting vampires and werewolves. Dracula and its associated characters have long since passed into the public domain, leaving me a little confused about why the name was changed, but I’m sure they had their reasons.

Other than the name, the slot is as expected. It offers a spooky setting with tombstone, vampire, werewolf, and damsel in distress symbols. Vans Helsing or Hell’Sing serves as the slot’s wild symbol. All the symbols are illustrated beautifully and feature subtle animations when they’re involved in a winning combination.

Let the hunt begin

When you’re hunting vampires and werewolves, you need to make sure that you have the right weapons. You can’t very well take holy water to a werewolf fight, can you? Now that we’ve got that out the way, it’s time to go hunting!


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Hell’Sing slot has two different scatter symbols. The first is a werewolf and the other is a vampire. The appearance of three or more of either scatter symbol will trigger their respective Hunt Free Spins features. Each free spins feature has its own unique bonus feature.

  • Vampire Hunt Free Spins – A random number of vampire symbols are added to the reels with each spin.
  • Werewolf Hunt Free Spins – When the werewolf symbol is involved in a win, all instances of it will expand to fill their respective reels to complete additional wins.

In addition to the pair of free spins features, Hell’Sing slot also offers a unique buy bonus feature. Instead of a fixed amount buying a fixed number of free spins, the slot proposes unique offers every spin. These offers are based on how much you’ve won and what is on the reels at the time. If you have won something, you can risk the amount to get slightly more favorable terms for your deal.

Is Hell’Sing good enough to sink your teeth into?

Forgettable. That’s probably the best way to describe Hell’Sing slot. The graphics are great, and the bonus features aren’t terrible. It’s just so middle of the road that I’ll likely forget I even wrote this review come tomorrow. Well, I might of if it wasn’t for the most peculiar set of numbers I’ve seen offered by a slot in years.

Hell’Sing offers low volatility play, not unusual by any means. It definitely indicates that the max payout will be on the smaller side, but how bad can it be, right? Well, the max payout for this utterly forgettable slot game is a mere €4,500! The max multiplier is just 113x. So to win that disturbingly low max payout, you have to bet at €40 a bet. I just don’t understand who this game is supposed to appeal to.

If you’re looking for a slot inspired by the work of Bram Stoker that will leave you thirsty for more and not begging for the stake, I recommend Dracula and Dracula Awakening.