The Wins Are Anything But Medieval in Age of Dragons Mini Max Slot!

What do medieval castles, snow-covered mountain peaks and behemoth fire-breathing dragons remind you of? Hint: it’s not Shrek.

If you need a few more clues then here they are… dragon eggs, kings and queens, swords, knights, and pretty much everything else you’d need to recreate a Game of Thrones casino game. Oops. I guess that gave it away then.

Except we’re not calling it Game of Thrones. We’re calling it Age of Dragons Mini-Max slot. Same-same though, right?

Wanna ride a dragon for huge wins?

In this new Kalamba game, the most you can win is €217,800 – and I’m sure not complaining. Wow. Yeah, maybe it’ll be kinda risky, you know, daring to dance with dragons and stuff.

But, winning big will make it all worth it, and have a way better ending than our Season 8 finale. SMH. Speaking of finales, I hope yours is nothing but memorable when trying out this feature rich slot.

What you can gear up for, are Wild Columns, Wild Symbols, Hyperbets, and Free Spins. And, you can bet they’re all pretty ferocious when it comes to claiming those fortunes.

A screen full of glistening Golden Wilds? Yes please! What a way to get a player pumped to enter a game.


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What makes this game so wild?

I’m not going to casino-splain how Wilds work, because if you’re here then I’m sure you already know all about these popular guys. Instead, I’ll jump straight into the Wild Column feature.

Above 3 of the 5 game reels, you’ll see a meter. The idea is to fill whichever meter first, with Rubies to turn the whole reel Wild. You do this by landing, and collecting, Gold Coins on the corresponding reels.

You’re gonna need 3 of them for each reel. And, your epic Wild Column will remain in play until all the Rubies you’ve collected have been used up on the column that is in play.

If this wasn’t cool enough, each Wild Column symbol comes with a Win Multiplier which you can change by selecting different HyperBet levels.


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The free spins are cool too

The Bonus Symbols in this medium to high volatility game pack a punch of their own. Not only do they trigger the Free Spins feature, but they also award 3x your bet.

The amount of free spins you’ll be awarded with ultimately depends on the HyperBet level you’re playing on. While the free spins are spinning, you may come across Silver Coins – these give you 1 extra free spin to add to your pot.

The Gold Coin will also be in play, and as we know, this contributes to the Wild Column feature that can also be activated in the bonus game.


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Is Age of Dragons for you?

I have to be fully honest with you, I know a lot about slots, but I have no idea what makes this game so different from the O.G version? Like, what does Mini Max even mean? Kalamba seems to be pretty hush about this.

What I can tell you, is that Age of Dragons Mini-Max slot has an RTP that ranges from 94.99% – 95.35% and has a Buy Bonus Selector, which I am always a fan of.

At the end of the day, how badly do you want to stand the chance to win lots of loot with the help of several bonus modifiers, all while making fun of a Game of Thrones copycat?