It’s All Fright and Delight With Betsoft’s Top 5 Halloween Slots

Everyone’s favorite day of dread is lurking around the corner. We can hear the werewolves howling, the ghosts booing, the zombies munching, and the vampires awakening already – Halloween is almost here!

To celebrate the season of spook, we’re putting Betsoft’s best horror slots on the table for you to take a bite out of for fang-tastic and hair-raising wins. We’ll be spinning sinister reels with devilish doctors, in horrifying houses, for a Halloween casino gaming experience filled with fright and delight.

Are you ready to embark on an eerie adventure where things go bump in the night with Betsoft? We sure are…

The Magic Shoppe is Open for Business

While the Magic Shoppe slot is a game of magic, it will have you diving deep into the occult world for diabolical wins of up to €205,200. It’s arcane, it’s dark, it’s devious and it’s packed with celestial features for you to have fun with.

This slot invites those looking to turn tricks into treats with the help of the mysterious incarnations and spirits who run the Magic Shoppe show.

With Sun and Moon Free Spins and Wild Wands, this 3D slot is perfectly suited to give you a good scare. It has a 94.58% RTP, a medium volatility, and will keep you shopping around this shoppe of horrors for ages.

So, if you’re looking to release the power of magic within your sinister soul – this is the Halloween slot for you.


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Frankenslot’s Monster is Unleashed

Frankenstein is a legend in many chilling circles, and he and his monster sure are legends on the reels too. Frankenslot’s Monster slot is set in an electrifying laboratory where pretty unorthodox creature-creating is going down.

The Monster needs a bride and Dr. Frankenstein is doing his damndest to create the perfect counterpart for him made of old body parts and everyday hardware store products. Quite a bit of electrocution occurs in this slot, enough to make your hair stand on end – pun not intended.

In this game of gore, there are Free Spins and Gamble Games to put yourself at the peril of. It has a 96.83% RTP, a medium volatility, and a wicked €135,200 to win.

So, put on your lab coat and go and get your hands bloody with Frankenslot’s Monster slot.


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Welcome to the House of Fun

The House of Fun slot as a title, is a hoax… it’s more a House of Horrors type instead – packed with suspense and freaks and frights, and we’re so here for it.

You’ll be joining Paul, Jane and their sweet pup Chip, as they make their way through a house none of us would want to inhabit. It’s truly haunting there. On the hunt to find a way to escape this mysterious manor, you’ll come across Optical Illusion Door Bonuses and Free Spin rounds.

The hosts of this house are hellish too, but they make for exciting on-reel features in this cinematic and animated 94.96% RTP, medium volatility slot.

House of Fun slot is disturbing at best, where even the cat is creepy. Do you dare enter the doors of this horror house this Halloween? There’s a max win of €312,000 waiting to be discovered.


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Blood Eternal is Running Wild

Another one bites the dust – and turns into a vampire. Blood Eternal slot is something thrilling to sink your teeth into for fiendish wins of up to €386,248.02. There’s no shortage of vampire lore in this slot, it takes place in Dracula’s castle and is shrouded in obscurity and is pretty darn graphic too.

The Bonus Features in this slot are full of drama, and who doesn’t love a little drama? Especially when there are goblins and bats staring you down, and vials of blood laying around.

Blood Eternal slot has an 95.03% RTP, and a medium volatility, and is something gloriously grim to play this Halloween – just keep that garlic clove close.


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Say Hello to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

The monster is free in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot, and that means danger. Feel the wrath of a sweet doctor with a malicious split personality in this game of good vs. evil.

To try and quell the monster inside, Dr. Jekyll concocted special potions that have special features, but not exactly the outcome he’d like. The potions unleash the cruel Mr. Hyde, but this could mean up to €20,546.50 in wins for us.

This slot has an 96.17% RTP, a medium volatility, and with Wild Hydes, Free Spins, Frenzy Bonuses, Potions Bonuses and a Gamble Round – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot is jam-packed with fun for those looking to have a ball this Halloween.


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Things Go Bump in the Night with Betsoft!

Betsoft aren’t known for their horror slots, but don’t under-estimate the fearful games they do have in their portfolio. This is pure proof that terror resides in the exceptional collection of Betsoft slots.

Give yourself a good haunting this Halloween with BitStarz and these Top 5 Betsoft games – you won’t regret it.