These Slots Are Not Normal – They’re Paranormal!

Brace yourself for bedtime! It’s Paranormal Day, player, so don’t get a fright if things go bump in the night. It’ll come as no surprise if an old translucent lady is staring at you through the neighbor’s window, if you hear banging coming from your attic, or if you feel a tickle on your toes when you get into the sack – because all these scaries are back! 

The slots I’m highlighting today are not normal; they’re paranormal and will freak you out, all while haunting you with big wins.

I’m not scared… You’re scared! Ah, who am I kidding? I think tonight, I’ll sleep with a light.

House of Doom is seriously satanic

Goths unite! House of Doom slot is thrashing out omens of head-banging wins to the value of €125,000. So get ready to wrath the reels with the Swedish heavy metal band, Chandlessmass in this heavy-metal magic slot.  

It’s creepy, man. The energy is eerie, and the symbols are demonic as hell. But if you peel away at the darkness… Excellent features come to light, including Hellgate, Doom Spins, Skulls of Abyss, and Wild House of Doom expanding symbols. 

Play’n GO is not messing around – this satanic slot can make a grown man cry. Where are your tissues?


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Dracula’s Castle will satisfy your thirst 

Here’s something menacing to sink your teeth into – Dracula’s Castle slot!  The vampire king of darkness needs to feed… And this could mean €40,000 in wins for you. If you can handle gore, then you can handle this ghoulish game. 

Wazdan is showing off its wicked side with this one, with fang-tastic features. Charm the Count for Expanding Wilds, Multipliers, and a blood-filled Risk Game. 

So, jump out of your comfy coffin, slick your hair back, and take a bite out of this tasty slot!


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The Twin Wins Mystery is straight out of the Shining

Losing your sanity, how fun? If you’ve seen The Shining, you’ve seen terrifying twins. And you’ll see them again in The Twin Wins Mystery slot. Prepare to stay in a haunted mansion with double the trouble and the chance at a €261,250 win!

Who doesn’t love a mysteriously moving rocking horse? ME! But I do love the features in this freaky game; Cloned Reels, Multiplier Pins, and Free Spins. 

Put a pin in a voodoo doll today because the twins in this Mancala slot have come to play!  


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The floaters in Ghost Glyph are no myth

I was so shy, I’d cry if someone said ‘boo’ to me. How about an apparition approaching to say hello? I say, hell no! Ghosts are the catalysts of paranormal play, so naturally, the very unnatural Ghost Glyph slot is featured today. 

This Quickspin game has pretty powerful features, such as Tumbling Reels, a Paranormality Meter, the Ghost Glyph, and the Ghost Urn bonuses. 

You’re being summoned to this slot for the shot at €88,000!


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Horror House takes the creep cake

As if ghosts, Satanists, troubled twins, and vampires weren’t bad enough… Booming Games just had to create a slot that overflowed with fear – and our favorite horror characters! You honestly cannot call yourself a paranormal player if you’ve never taken a stab at Chucky.

Now is your time to shine because Horror House slot will have you tangoing with Frankenstein, Chucky, and good old Drac. And it’s as chilling as expected. 

But hey, you’ll have Free Spins, Re-spins, and the chance at €240,000 to help you slay this day!


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Play for un-boo-lieveably big wins! 

I’m not here to scare you off (although, at this point, I’m ready to turn on Encanto and sing ‘We don’t talk about Brunooooo’ to bring back some stability to my life after diving into these dark slots).

I am here to get you to BitStarz, to play this paranormal day away with un-boo-lieveble wins and some seriously scary games. So make the most of it before things get weird!