$198,564 Big WIN: The King is Back for This One

There’s a symphony of wins occurring at BitStarz, and one lucky player is conducting their big win masterpiece! This time around, the fortunate player in question walked away with a $198,564 big win on The King Panda slot.

You get a big win. You get a big win. You all get a big win!

2022 has been the year of big wins at BitStarz. In February, our players struck $1.7 million in big wins and things aren’t slowing down in March. With ten days still left of the month, we’ve already seen over $1.4 million in big wins!

If you’re going to chase the next big hit on The King Panda slot, then you’re going to need to know what you’re going to be in for at the audition.

Elvis is alive and well!

In some alternate universe, the King of Rock and Roll is not only still alive, but he’s an anthropomorphic panda that could easily be mistaken for a raccoon. It sounds like a pitch only someone as high as a kite would come up with, doesn’t it? Well, welcome to the world of The Kind Panda slot from Booming where thoughts you have when you’re stoned get turned into three-reel fruit slots.


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Despite the lofty pitch, the slot is basically just a skin of a fairly stock standard three-reel one payline video slot. In fact, there appears to have been very little thought put into the slot. I mean, there’s a disco ball symbol! Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll and not disco. He probably did a disco song but is a disco ball really the first thing that comes to mind when you think Elvis Presley?

The crowd is ready for an encore

The set is done, but the crowd wants one more song. Unlike Elvis, The King Panda slot doesn’t have any material for an encore. Bonus features? Sorry, there aren’t any. Wild symbols? Nope, none of those either. What about paylines? Fine, you can have one of those.

So, if you’re looking for a slot with free spins, a second-screen bonus round, or any semblance of additional winning opportunities over and above a single payline, you are shit out of luck with The King Panda slot.

Is The King Panda slot hitting the top of the charts?

So, one lucky winner seems to have identified The King Panda slot as a way to win big. That is really the only reason I can see for playing this one. However, with a very average 96.1% RTP rating, I can’t really recommend it as the best way to chase big wins. Put simply, the slot is dull and will likely piss off any fan of The King of Rock and Roll.

If you’re looking for an Elvis-themed slot game that is equally as wacky but significantly more entertaining, then I recommend giving Elvis Frog in Vegas a try.