Top Gaming Tips That Online Casinos Don’t Want You to Know


Online casinos are a godsend for anyone that lives miles away from their nearest land-based casino, not to mention the added bonus of being able to play in your pajamas. While the odds remain the same between online and land-based casinos, as a player you do have a slight edge over the house when it comes to spinning those reels from home. At BitStarz Casino we are all about giving you the inside scoop, so here are a few tips that most online casinos don’t want you to know!

Take Advantage of No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins are the best way to give yourself a shot at making some early wins at an online casino – it’s essentially a bankroll boost that the casino is giving you just for making an account. Very few land-based casinos will give you anything like this, so load up on those no deposit free spins and turn that “little extra something” into a bumper payday.

Discover the “Loose” Slots

While online casinos don’t suffer from mechanical failures causing loose slots like land-based casinos, certain slots just happen to pay out a lot more than others. Try to find out which slots are on fire and use this information to your advantage – after all, who wants to pile their cash into a slot that’s cold as ice? A lot of online casinos won’t give you a detailed breakdown of which slots are burning a hole in their pockets, but look for any clues on the lobby page. Alternatively, head over to the BitStarz Casino blog, we give in depth information about the most popular, hottest, and coldest slots every month – you’re welcome.

Pick Between Local and Progressive Jackpots

You have two choices when it comes to online slots – local or jackpot. Local slots are against the house and the payouts are generally linked to that individual casino. They payouts are never as high as jackpot slots, but you do stand more chance of winning the slot’s top prize. Jackpot slots on the other hand are life changing – one win on a jackpot slot and you could be set for life. Mega Moolah often pays out a €10 million or more jackpot and there are plenty of other top jackpot slots out there just like it. Jackpots take a slice of every spin from players around the world and put it into a global pot. In jackpot slots the game provider pays out, not the casino you win at – all the more the reason to give them a spin.

Learn the Ropes and Play for Free

One of the worst mistakes any slot player can make is loading up a new slot and spinning away without knowing the rules and gameplay characteristics. Online casinos will give you a certain amount of fun credits that you can use on a slot to get to know it and how it plays. Take full advantage of this and play a good number of spins with this fun money before you drop the real cash. You can quickly develop a technique and learn how the game plays, giving you the best chance of winning the big bucks.

Ride These Tips to the Top!

Finally, take advantage of any other bonuses or competitions that online casinos might be running. Here at BitStarz Casino, we have a plethora of deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, free spin drops, adventures to win trips to exotic destinations, and the chance to win a slice of €1,000 every week with Slot Wars. Use these tips to your advantage next time you play at an online casino, as it could help you scoop a jackpot or two!

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