Transport Wins Straight Into Your Pocket With Portal Master Slot

We would love to have a portal accessible and be able to transition between different dimensions and places. Who knows, maybe it’s another Elon Musk secret project he’s working on in between his many tweets swaying the value of crypto. If or when it becomes a reality, it would be the end of cars, planes and any public transportation. That’s just what the world needs, a reason for people to be even lazier.

Mancala Gaming is giving you a shot at controlling it all with its latest release, the Portal Master slot. The Portal Master won’t let just anyone through but if you can show her you have what it takes, she might grant you access to an entirely new dimension of big wins. Energy spheres and free spins are the keys to success and they are all there for the taking.

Feel free to put on a cape for that extra superhero confidence but whatever you decide to wear, you better come ready to play!

It’s Magical

An outer space adventure is just what the doctor ordered and the magic is clearly there as you first lay eyes on the 5 reels, housing up to 1024 paylines. No matter how far our technology has come, the symbols in the game are still animal focused with the highest valued symbol being the dragon.

We know what you’re thinking, the glowing green color makes you think about kryptonite but don’t worry, you will be safe.


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For a low volatility game with a 95% RTP, the max win sits at a lower €82,500. Still, you can quickly build a nice pile of cash with just a few big wins. Your bet limit is set at €10 while the biggest multiplier will get you 8,250x your bet.

Meet the Portal Master Wild

The Portal Master wild symbol is simply an expanding wild. In the base game, it will only appear on the middle reel and will immediately expand to cover the entire reel. She will also grant you an Energy Sphere which we will talk more about later.

More Wins With Scatter Crystals

The other special symbol is the scatter crystal which can be used in combination with the Energy Spheres to create extra win opportunities. It can appear on all 5 reels and even be
combined with the Energy Sphere and turned into a regular symbol. Sweet!

Energy Spheres Will Lead the Way

We mentioned earlier how the Portal Master will send you an Energy Sphere every time she appears. These are collected in the special stone on the left side on your screen and can either be used on the reels or for trading up to more powerful spheres.

The Energy Spheres come in 3 different levels, low, mid and high.

Low-level: There are 3 low-level Energy Spheres and when you have filled all 3 slots in the stone, you need to use them or trade them. If you decide to use them, a random symbol on the grid will be transformed into a random symbol, hopefully leading to a win.

Mid-level: Only two of the mid-level spheres are available and you can get them by trading low-levels for them. They can transform an entire row into the same random symbol.

High-level: The one and only high-level sphere symbol will be yours if you trade 2 mid-levels. When this is done, a random number of free spins will be yours.

How to Get Free Spins

Trading for the high level sphere can get you as many as 25 free spins but even in the worst case scenario, you will still land 10 of them.

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During free spins, the Portal Master is still in control but instead of only being seen on the middle reel, they will take over reels 2 and 4 as well. While you could collect spheres during the base game, in free spins mode you will instead get an extra spin which is a lot better and you can keep spinning.

Hurry Up, Elon

It’s clear after playing the Portal Master slot that using a portal can get you a nice pile of cash. The trick is to load up on the Energy Spheres and trade your way to the free spins and go to town with those bad boys.
For players who appreciate good looking games, this one is definitely worth a look as the graphics are great. So, until Elon figures things out, you can focus 100% on winning big on these 5 reels!