Unleash the Fury in New Game Lucky Punch Slot!

Adrian: Rocky, why do you fight?
Rocky: Because I can’t sing and dance.

If there was one thing you knew you’d get from the Italian Stallion, it was straight talk and a lot of heart. And steely determination and a will to win is crucial when you’re having seven shades of sh*t knocked out of you. Now it’s your turn to get in the ring and prove your mettle.

Let’s get ready to ruuuuummmble with Lucky Punch slot!


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Hit the reels and come out swinging

Game developers Onlyplay have come up with some seriously off-the-cuff concepts. They’ve given us F777 Fighter slot and Limbo Cat slot, and while these two games run on the same principle, they’ve really shaken things up with their latest offering.

Launch this puppy and you’ll see a boxing ring with two shredded and inked fighters squaring off. Below the pugilists, you’ll see each one’s health bar, with the object being to beat the tar out of your opponent.

Symbols on the reels include a speedball, a boxing boot, a mouth guard, and other boxing-related paraphernalia.

Land 3 golden gloves (Scatter) and you’ll be into the Free Spin feature. Land 3 headgear symbols (Bonus) and you’ll kick off the bonus game. Both of these can only appear on the middle reels. The Wild is a gold and diamond-encrusted title belt with a crown on top, which can’t land on reels 1 or 5, but which replaces every other symbol save for the Scatter and Bonus.


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The Bonus game takes our camera to the top of the arena, where we get a bird’s-eye view. Around the edge of the ring, you’ll see numbers and 4 exit signs in each corner. A Random Number Generator selects what will be landed on.

If it falls on the exit, the round is done. If it lands on a number, this is a multiplier that, at the end of the feature, will get added up and multiplied by your bet.

Win the bonus round and the multiplier that you won on will get doubled! Not only that, but you’ll also score experience points while you work your way up the ranks. Oh, and there is no limit to the levels in Lucky Punch slot.

If you’ve run out of patience, or luck, you can opt to use the SpeedUp Bonus feature, which allows you to buy your way into the Bonus game at any time. Click on the trophy symbol on the bottom left of the screen, and you’ll see where your standings are on the leaderboard.


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It’s knockout action all the way!

This is the kinda thing we like to see – creativity and a totally different approach to what’s been done before. Thanks to the decent 95.79% RTP and low volatility, you can play Lucky Punch slot for ages. But there’s also a monster of a purse, worth €400,000 that you can clinch.