Super Sticky Piggy Slot: Where Pigs Fly and Do Other Cool Stuff!

On today’s lineup is the new Super Sticky Piggy slot, where pigs dream of flying, robbers dream of piggy banks, and we dream of winning $110,490.

The story? Your usual fat cats with billionaire bucks as the targets and cool and calculated robbers as the baddies. You know, the normal stuff.

Except here, we have flying pigs to shake things up. Guess if any pig had to fly it’d be a Super Pig, right? It makes me think of Homer’s Spider Pig and his little song. Classic!

Anyway, enough babbling – we’ve got keys to find, banks to break, and sunsets to ride off into. Let’s go!

Cue Robin Hood

I wish I could say this 3 Oaks slot had some important underlying message to its theme – like Robin Hood, who steals from the rich to give to the poor.

These guys steal from the rich and probably blow it on whatever Gen Z’ers spend their money on, like ring lights and Polaroid cameras.

Remember the Bling Ring? They stole from Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan… They really made themselves at home in their designer closets and mansions.

If you, for some reason, have a flair for fucking with the rich, then voila, you’ve got your game! Plus, there’s a super pig flying around for extra kicks!


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It’s Super Pig Time

Now’s the time to watch our hero-pig in action… He jumps, he flies, he shapeshifts into a bank, and he dishes out Multipliers bigger than any bacon portion you’ll see on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

As the Piggy Wild, you can expect the Golden Pig to land on reels 2, 3 or 4, and multiply wins by up to 3x! If you land a few, you can bet that all multipliers will be added up per payline.

And, regarding the Jumping Piggy Wild, the Multipliers reach as high as 10x, which are also added up if several land on the same payline. Sweet!


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The Super Free Spins are WOW

Forget regular bonus games, because in this high volatility slot, we’ve got free spins to suit our Super Pig standards! Oh, and regular free spins too.

The Free Spins Bonus requires at least 3 Red Bank symbols to land on your screen, where up to 15 free spins will be awarded. During these, Piggy Wilds become sticky, and chill on the reels throughout the bonus game.

Now for the Super Free Spins game… These might be awarded if you land 3 or more regular Red Bank symbols on the reels. Guess it’s about crossing fingers!

If you get in, brace yourself for the unlocking rewards stage – where the number of Free Spins and Piggy Wild is determined.


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A Super Game For A Super Gambler

Well, this is more of a question than a statement. So let’s redo it – is Super Sticky Piggy slot a super game for a super gambler?

You’ll have to be the judge of that. But my two cents: this 95.64% RTP slot might be a bit too vanilla for pro players. But for a newbie, or someone who likes games that are straightforward and fun, this is the winner!

Besides, I really do think a jumping and flying pig is something worth seeing, so why not check it out anyway?