Unlock Magical Wins in Magic Oak Slot!


It’s that magical time of year again where the trees come to life and sprout new leaves – becoming a home to a range of woodland creatures. The mighty oak is one of the most recognizable trees and plays a vital part in every forest. This magical tree isn’t just known for its welcoming nature – in the gaming world it’s known for its epic wins too. That’s right, Magic Oak Slot is packing some of the biggest wins we have ever seen.

So, head down to the forest and spin the reels to watch the forest grow – and then be chopped down to print the cold, hard cash you’re going to be walking away with!

Magic Wins on Offer

Magical wins from Magic Oak might sound like we’re having a slow day at the office and we need a pun to get us going, but we promise you the wins are truly sparkling. From a single spin you can take home a whopping €125,000 – enough to buy your own small forest. In order to claim that huge prize, you will need to collect 16 wild symbols. Meanwhile, 16 Tawny Owls will pay out a sizeable €25,000. If that’s not a magical win, then we don’t know what is.

Wisps Helping You Win

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a magical ball of light – better known as a wisp – would appear and help you out when you need just one more wild? Well, every time you spin the reels, you will collect wisps. They gather on the forest floor to the right-hand side of the reels, and when they are activated at random, they will fly onto the reels and convert a handful of symbols into wilds. This makes gathering 16 wilds a rather simple task and gives you a considerable boost when it comes to taking home a bumper win.

Spinning Around the Forest

All good slots have free spins and Magic Oak has one of the best free spins modes around. Landing four or more scatter symbols will trigger free spins mode, with each symbol turning around to reveal a number. The total of this number is how many spins you will get – numbers shown are either 2, 3, or 4. In free spins, the wisps come in their droves, helping you rack up truly life changing payouts.

The tranquil music, bird choruses. and relaxed theme of Magic Oak will transport you to bliss. You will become completely enchanted by Magic Oak and you will never want the fun to stop. If you enjoy sunrise walks in the woods amongst the bluebells, you’re going to love Magic Oak. Best of all, as you spin the reels you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard, just lace in the top 30 and you will win a slice of €1,000!

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