Welcome to BitStarz, Clawbuster

With over 5,000 games available in one place, it’s easy to assume that at BitStarz, we offer every conceivable kind of casino game. Today, we’re excited to be introducing something completely different with the addition of our new game provider, Clawbuster. The small company has pioneered a new type of casino game that offers a unique gaming experience.

To introduce you to the format, I want you to picture those old claw machines that were outside convenience stores and arcades. You would put a bit of money in them, position the claw over a prize you like the look of, and then you’d lower the claw to try and snag that sucker. Now, imagine that same anticipation in a digital landscape with a variety of different themes. That’s what Clawbuster has introduced.

In order to introduce Clawbuster to the BitStarz faithful, we’ve added two of the company’s most popular games to the casino. This is, however, only the start. We’ve already identified a few more games from the Clawbuster inventory that we’d like to add to our selection of games.

Candy Claw

Candy Claw is a sweet-themed Clawuster game. It looks sort of like the candy world from Wreck-It Ralph.

You’ll be able to select two types of bets when you’re playing. The first is the standard bet, which will see you win if the claw retrieves any ball. You can then place an add-on bet that will require you to predict the color of the ball that will be retrieved. At the beginning of every spin, you’ll also receive a random multiplier that will be applied to your winnings.

The game offers a maximum multiplier of 5,500x. It offers low to medium volatility and an RTP rating of 95%.

Wild West Claw x5500

Every game provider needs a solid cowboy-themed game, and for Clawbuster, that’s Wild West Claw x5500.


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Wild West Claw x5500 offers a feature set that is very similar to Candy Claw. You can place a standard bet and add a color bet onto it if you so choose. There are, however, differences.

There is also a random multiplier selector, like in Candy Claw, but it’s not guaranteed. It can be triggered randomly on any game of Wild West Claw x5500. You can, however, also guarantee it by activating the bonus bet feature that will increase your bet amount to pay for the honor.

The game offers a maximum multiplier of 5,500x. It offers low to medium volatility and an RTP rating of 96%.

Get started at BitStarz

If you’re keen to give this new format of casino games a try, we’re one of the few casinos currently offering Clawbuster games. Plus, if you sign up, you’ll receive a 5 BTC welcome bonus, which is awarded over your first four deposits.