Set Course for Wins in New Star Pirates Code Slot

A pirate’s life must have been one of adventure and adrenaline-fueled action. Sure, they didn’t have dental, life expectancy was probably pretty low, and there was a touch of murdering sprinkled into your day-to-day duties, but a few bottles of rum would sort most of that out. The key thing to remember is the adventure and excitement.

Finish your drink, grab your cutlass and join a pirate crew and plunder wins in Star Pirates Code slot from Pragmatic Play.

X marks the spot!

Star Pirates Code slot is set on the deck of a pirate ship anchored in a harbor on a beautiful evening. It’s a glimpse into the calmer moments of a pirate’s life. Sure, it’ll be back to cannon fire and the warm smell of blood in the air in the morning, but tonight, the crew is taking it easy.


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The slot’s reels are overflowing with the plunder of the pirate crew. The slot’s high-paying symbols are a treasure chest and gold and silver coins. Four different kinds of precious gems serve as the slot’s low-paying symbols.

Plot a course to wins

Unlike the Royal Navy that hunts them, pirate ships rely on simplicity to ensure that every scallywag and peg-legged pirate knows what to do and when to do it. This reliance on simplicity shines through in Star Pirates Code slot. Instead of relying on complex features and second-screen bonus games, the slot offers a two-step wild bonus that is ship-shape and ready for action.

When you’re on the open ocean, a compass is a must. If you manage to grab a compass wild, you’ll unlock the slot’s respin feature. The compass will lay a course for the skull and cross-bones wilds to fill an entire reel. Once the expanding wilds are in place, the reels will be respun and winnings combinations plundered.


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Other than a compass, the most important part of any pirate’s equipment was, of course, a bottle of rum. Star Pirates Code slot doesn’t supply the rum, but you’re welcome to enjoy a glass as you plunder wins!

Is Star Pirates Code slot shipshape or shipwrecked?

There are a lot of great pirate-themed slots. As a result, Star Pirates Code slot can’t just be a good slot. It has to prove itself within the pantheon of pirate-themed slots. And when it does go up against the titans of the genre, it sadly falls short.

The gameplay is fun, and the bonus features are unique. However, the graphics are sorely lacking, and with a reasonably uninspiring RTP rating of 96.74 and high volatility, there just isn’t enough there even with the €250,000 jackpot.

If you’re looking for a great pirate-themed video slot, we recommend taking Book of Skulls, Pirates: Smugglers Paradise, and Pirate’s Plenty: Battle for Gold for a spin.