How to Play Multihand Blackjack

Multihand blackjack is a variant of the game that lets a player bet on different hands. The game works with essentially the same rules as the normal blackjack variant, but you place your wagers as if you are multiple players instead of one. This presents different challenges, and therefore requires a different strategy, or strategies, to regular blackjack play. Another difference is that in this game you play alone, competing against the house. Depending on the version, you may be betting against a computer or a live dealer. All in all, multihand blackjack presents the twist on traditional blackjack – upping the action, challenge, and potential payouts in the process!

Advantages of the Multi-Hand Variation

One of the benefits of playing multiple hands is that you can adopt a different strategy for each, increasing your odds of winning. You could play one hand with a more cautious approach and the other in a more aggressive style, potentially offsetting your risk if balanced correctly. Don’t forget that the dealer will draw until he reaches 17, but you have the freedom to switch up your styles mid-game on your multiple hands to outwit the dealer and take the chips.

Another way of making the multihand variant work for you is by apportioning your bets. Before you sit down to play, decide how much you are willing to risk and what would represent a satisfactory take-home amount. This done, divide the sum by the number of rounds you want to play, giving you the amount you should wager on each hand. This will foster a discipline in your play that will lead to greater success than winging it and making the most of lucky streaks.

Where to Play?

If you want to try multihand blackjack, it is recommended that you at least start in an online casino, as in a physical establishment the dealer will rush you and force you into making mistakes or forget your strategy. BitStarz currently runs a Multihand Blackjack and Multihand Blackjack Pro for more experienced players. Multihand blackjack is not for everyone, as it takes skill, concentration, and discipline, but the rewards can be substantial – so good luck!