Win While Jamming to Lo-Fi in Vending Machine Slot

If you’re not in the know, Lofi Girl was created by the ChilledCow YouTube channel as an animated screensaver for a continuous stream of lo-fi hip hop music. The stream was targeted at people looking for calming music to listen to while studying or working. In February 2022, the channel reached ten million subscribers, becoming one of the largest channels of its kind and Lofi Girl cemented herself as a pop culture icon.

The Vending Machine slot is, from what I can work out, in no way associated with the ChilledCow brand. The most generous reading is that the graphics and music are a homage to the genre created by ChilledCow. At worst, Hacksaw has some copyright-related explaining to do.

Non-stop smooth listening

The slot is built around the cascading reels mechanic that will remove symbols involved in winning combinations, allowing new symbols to drop into the empty spots. This gives you a chance to win multiple times from a single spin.


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In Vending Machine slot, the cascading reels mechanic is taken a step further with every cascade adding a multiplier to the row that the winning combination landed on. The multiplier will be applied to any subsequent winning combination on the same spin and on the same row. Once there are no more cascading wins and the spin button is clicked again, the multiplier will be reset.

A round of the slot’s free spins feature is triggered with three or more free spins symbols. During a round of free spins, row multipliers will not be reset at the end of each spin and will continue to grow throughout a round of free spins. If you unlock the feature with four free spins symbols, the round will continue until a skull symbol has appeared at least once on each of the slot’s five rows.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around and listening to the tunes, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins feature.

Is Vending Machine slot a jam?

I have listened to what is likely several-hundred hours of the Lofi Girl ChilledCow stream while writing. Many of my reviews have been written with the stream playing in my ears. It was, as a result, really exciting to see the aesthetic so faithfully applied in the Vending Machine slot both visually and in its music. There is a part of me that wishes it was an official collaboration, but it is nonetheless one of my favorite slots of 2023.

The slot offers medium volatility, which ensures the gameplay offers a nice balance between small consistent wins and rare big wins, which is perfectly in keeping with the theme. The 5,000x max multiplier means that you’ll be able to play for up to €250,000 in winnings when you’re betting at the €50 per spin maximum. The slot has an RTP of 96.28%.

If you’re looking for a few other visually striking slots from Hacksaw Gaming, I recommend giving Hand of Anubis or ITERO a try.