Visit the Genie’s Palace slot for Genie-u-ine magic!

How amazing would it be to find a golden oil lamp lying around? As you rub the sand from the ancient engravings a magical being wisps his way out and willingly grants you three wishes. Sounds kind of like the story in Aladdin’s tale doesn’t it? Genie’s Palace slot from High 5 Games takes us on an incredible magic carpet ride to meet the supernatural being from all those historic Arabian legends.

Let’s have a look at all the amazing wishes this Genie will grant when we rub him out from his eternal lair.

Cough-up the bucks, Genie

There’s all the treasure one could imagine and more. Every symbol in this slot seems to be made of pure magic. There are three high-paying symbols, which include the mythical and much-talked-about magic carpet. We also see a Sultan’s hat, the Arabian version of a crown.


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The final high-paying symbol is a treasure chest filled with gold and jewels. It pays the least of these three symbols but oh-boy… is it not pleasing to imagine one of these strapped on the back of your magic carpet. The other not-so-generous, yet dazzling symbols are four multi-colored gems. You’ll need a minimum of three gem symbols to get paid. By getting five you’ll see even the Genie pop his eyes with astonishment at the win.

Here’s where things start to get a little Wild. A symbol with all four gems clustered together into one SUPER gemstone is the Wild symbol. Manage to get five of them and the Genie will have to start making loans to grant your wishes.

All aboard the Genie train

The most incredible feature symbol in this game, and also the secret to Genie’s success, is the Lamp. He doesn’t always tell people this, but between us… Genie is actually very, VERY old. He does look great though, and that’s because of the magical lamp. This symbol is made up of three parts. Each part takes a position on the reels to form the lamp with a trail of blue Genie smoke.

Once the lamp appears on the reels along with the Wild symbol scattered anywhere, it triggers the Wild Train Feature! When this happens, the lamp will move across the reels to every Bonus coin or Wild and collect the symbol. The trail of blue Genie smoke follows the lamp, creating Wild symbols in the positions where it stops.

For every symbol collected, the smoke from the lamp lengthens with one position, eventually creating a long train of Genie-smoke Wilds. The Bonus coin symbols only appear during the Wild Train Feature and the Free Games Bonus.

Welcome to the Genie’s not-so-humble abode

The Free Games Bonus is initiated by getting five Wild symbols across the reels. This will take you to a different set of reels. Now we step into Genie’s Palace. The inside of his lamp is much bigger than one would expect.

When seeing all the treasure hidden inside, anyone would realize that spending 10,000 years trapped in a shiny ornament might not be the worst thing in the world. Not if it looks like this at least. On the other hand, it might be better to have Genie as a friend instead.


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Here, the symbols react slightly differently to the outside world. The Genie’s lamp and its trail of smoke shift over to take the same position on the new set of reels. Once again the lamp collects the Wild symbols and the Bonus coin symbols but adds an additional free spin every time this happens.

What’s more is that whenever a Bonus coin is collected, three or more high-paying magic carpet symbols are added to the reels. The train of blue smoke acts as a line of Wilds wherever it covers the reels.

This generous Genie grants more than three wishes!

Have we mentioned a Jackpot yet? Nope? Our apologies then. Yes, there is a jackpot and a great one at that! Collect twelve Wild symbols throughout the Free Game Bonus and the Wild Train Feature that initiated the Bonus, and Genie has to fork out yet another lump sum of his treasure for your pocket. If you manage this, you will receive an incredible 2000x your bet. This is clearly where the high volatility of this slot comes into play.

The unique features in this slot are like none you’ve ever seen before, while a very generous 96% RTP is already one wish granted in our opinion. With so many winning possibilities and truly entertaining gameplay, we are sure this Genie will have you keep him on the payroll for as long as possible.