Wins do Grow on Trees in Flower Fortune Supreme Slot

Sunlight and water are all you need to grow plants. Oh, and some good potting soil, compost, fertilizer, a greenhouse if you’re expecting cold weather, a watering system if you plan to leave it for long periods, and a backup plant for when you inevitably kill the first. That’s totally it, though. Unless you get aphids, then you’re going to need a bunch more.

Instead of dealing with that noise, take your horticultural proclivities online with Flower Fortune Supreme slot from Fantasma for a shot at the €200,000 max win.

You don’t need a green thumb to grow this flower

Fantasma is one of the few game providers that consistently produces beautiful-looking slots. Flower and Fortune Supreme slot definitely isn’t their best work, but it is still a great-looking game.

The slot’s main draw is the bonus meter flower that sits to the left of the reels. When you collect golden orbs, it will slowly bloom until it showers the valley in golden brilliance. It really is a great graphical element that adds so much to the game.


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The same can’t be said for the slot’s symbols. They range from just straight faded blocks to random symbols on brightly colored blocks. The reels are also tiny in relation to the rest of the screen. I don’t know if they did that to make it easier for mobile play, but the reels really do look sad on the desktop version.

Time to grow some wins

You don’t need sunlight or water or all the other things needed to grow plants in the real world to grow wins in the reel world. Simply start spinning and watch the wins sprout and bloom.

All the Flower Fortune Supreme slot’s bonus features are built around the bonus meter. Each golden orb that appears on the reels will add one section to the meter. Every fourth orb you collect will unlock a bonus feature. Leaves that appear on the reels will remove a section of the meter.


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  • Level 1: Respin symbols can appear on the reels and will trigger a respin. Once triggered, five to twelve non-winning symbols will be removed from the reels, with new symbols falling into their place.
  • Level 2: Respin and wild symbols can appear on the reels. When a wild appears, it will expand to fill the entire reel.
  • Level 3: Respin, wild, and bonus game symbols can appear. The second-screen bonus game will, once triggered, give you a chance to pick flowers for instant cash wins. Depending on how many bonus game symbols you collect to unlock the feature, you could have anywhere from 8 to 44 picks.
  • Level 4: Respin, wild, and bonus game symbols can appear. Plus, in addition to left to right wins, right to left wins are also paid out.

Golden orbs are generally relatively easy to collect, but you’re not guaranteed any of the features when you collect enough. It just gives you the option to randomly receive them on any given spin. This is a little infuriating and sort of distracted from the experience of filling the bonus meter.

Is Flower Fortune Supreme slot worth picking?

Fantasma is known for great-looking slots, and they don’t disappoint with Flower Fortune Supreme slot. The slot also features some great bonus features, and the bonus meter is a really cool way of unlocking those features. That’s, however, where the good ends and the bad begins.

The fact that I am not guaranteed a respin, a wild, or a round of the bonus feature when I fill the meter is just silly. It’s also not clear that the leaves remove a meter section, and it took me a while to figure out why I wasn’t consistently losing sections. It’s all just too confusing to be enjoyable. Plus, with a disappointing 95.88% RTP and a fairly average 5,000x max multiplier, things are really not looking good for this one. All in all, I’d give it a skip if I were you.

If you’re looking for a Fantasma game that I would recommend, give Bounty Showdown or Hades: River of Souls a try.