Get Your Sugar Rush and Wins in Paris With the Lucky Sweets Slot

Being known as the “ City of Love” Paris has a reputation to uphold and they seem to keep it up year after year. It does make things a bit easier considering it is not a yearly title that can be taken away if they don’t deliver but another thing about this magical city that people may not be aware of are the many incredible pastries. In the beautiful Lucky Sweets slot, all of the sweet creations the city has to offer will be on full display so bring your appetite.

Oozing with charm and delicious treats, this slot is about to whisk you away to a foreign land but one question remains. You wouldn’t say no to a day trip to the spectacular French capital, would you?

Leave No Sweet Tooth Behind

Sitting by one of the many picturesque bridges along the Seine, it doesn’t matter where you are playing from, the mesmerizing soundtrack will make you feel as if you are literally standing in line for a taste at BGaming’s Lucky Sweets shop.

The many colorful cupcakes, mouth-watering donuts, ice cream and pies will unfortunately not help your sugar cravings one bit so try and keep a napkin nearby to wipe off the saliva.

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Wins Love Sweets as Much as the Next One

As sweet as a slot like this can be, it packs a lot of sugar but not a ton of punch in terms of features. The atmosphere itself is what makes this a game you want to play and when you start lining up the winning pastries for a successful combo, you can sprinkle some extra coin on top by making use of the gamble option.

You can choose to make each of your many wins bigger by clicking the gamble option. The feature itself might not be as sparkly as the sweets but it can definitely help grow your budget so that you can buy more.

Pick the color or the suit and watch as your wins grow like the nose on a lying Pinocchio.

A Welcomed Contribution to Your Travel Budget

If this trip made you want more of Paris, the perfect solution to increase your travel budget is by advancing up the rankings in Slot Wars. Secure a spot in the top 40 by the end of the week and get yourself a share of the €5,000 that can be a welcomed contribution towards a trip of a lifetime.