A Fear of What Lurks Below in Reveal The Kraken Slot

The myth of The Kraken is old, like Vikings old. It was apparently first recorded by a Norwegian king in 1180. The Kraken was said to have been as large as an island, and it would use its tentacle arms to attack ships directly or create currents that would drown ships. Today, however, we are probably more familiar with the giant octopus version of The Kraken from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It’s certainly scary but not nearly as big as an island.

Reveal The Kraken slot from Mascot goes the octopus route with its danger from the deep.

Is the monster scary?

The slot’s bonus game is a two-parter. With three or more scatter symbols in the base game, you’ll trigger a round of the slot’s bonus game. You will then be given a single spin with the aim of adding sticky wilds to the reels. If you manage it, you will receive one more spin. If, however, a spin does not add a sticky wild, your bonus round will be completed, and your super bonus game round will commence with all sticky wilds from the bonus game transferring over.


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The super bonus game is basically exactly the same as the bonus game, but you receive three resetting spins instead of one.

If you manage to fill all five reels with wild symbols, the bonus game will end, and you will receive the highest payout possible based on your bet amount.

Following any winning spin, you’ll be given the option to risk your winnings for a shot at multiplying the amount. The risk bonus wheel has multiple rings. If you get a multiplier symbol, you’ll be given the option to take the money or to risk your new amount. If you get an arrow symbol, you’ll shift play into the next inner ring. As you go further and further in, the multipliers will get bigger, and new features like respins will start to appear. If, however, you get a blank wooden spot, you’ll lose everything.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for the Kraken to get you, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins feature. The slot will give you the base price and an option to take a special offer. Sometimes, the special offer will be higher than the base price, which makes it a no-brainer. However, other times, it will be lower than the base price. So, it’s worth checking in every now and again.

Is Reveal the Kraken slot worth a trip to the deep?

Reveal The Kraken slot has high volatility, which means you’ll be looking for rare big wins without the guarantee of consistent small wins. The slot’s 4,500x max multiplier means that if you’re betting at the €50 a spin max bet, you’ll be playing for up to €225,000 in winnings. The slot has an RTP of 95.35%.

I was initially excited about this one. I love the theme, and the graphics, at first, looked amazing. But things never got better than that first impression. The graphics are good, but there just isn’t enough life put into the dangerous creature from the deep. It takes a lot of the fun out of the theme. And that would be bearable if the slot was packed with features, but it’s not. The only base game bonus feature is a wild symbol, and things don’t get much better from there. I give this one a five out of ten. It probably deserves higher, but the score reflects my disappointment.

If you’re looking for a slot with a sea monster theme that absolutely kills it, look no further than Deep Rush. Now, that slot is genuinely amazing and fairly terrifying.