Put Your Primal Instinct to the Test in the New Primal Hunt Slot

How well would you do if you were to suddenly be thrown back into the Stone Age, where your primal instincts were the only thing you could depend on to keep you alive? Besides having to resort to living in dark caves, the sheer knowledge of the danger that would be lurking around any and every corner would be stressful enough.

Thanks to Betsoft and the new Primal Hunt slot you can put your survival skills to the test and go one on one with the vicious cave lion from the comfort and safety of your own couch. With a life-saving max win of €221,015 on the line, make sure your weapons are sharp and use the Cave Lion scatter, Elemental Wilds and free spins to defeat your enemy.

Get the job done and you can easily rack up enough cash to move out of the cave and into something much fancier.

Are you ready to go hunting? Good, let’s go!

Only One Thing Is Missing

Your home for the day will be a very basic cave, nicely upgraded with a top of the line entertainment system in the shape of 5 reels and 80 paylines. All 4 walls are in place and with the warm sunlight beaming from above, the only thing missing is food. For a skilled hunter as yourself, this will come easy.

Rocking a pretty good 96.10% RTP, your odds of succeeding are looking very promising. Add to that a €50 bet limit and a 4,420.3x multiplier, and this medium volatility game has everything you need, neatly stuffed away in the cave.


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This Is How You Get Free Spins

What would life be without free spins? We ask ourselves that question on a daily basis and every time we come up blank. Thankfully, Betsoft has thought of that and all you need are 3 of the scatter symbols to trigger it.

You’ll be armed with 8 free spins for your hunting trip but if you manage to land 5 scatters instead, you will get 20 free spins which obviously would set you up for an even more successful hunt. They can all be retriggered as well, so don’t feel rushed to leave.

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Multipliers will Multiply

If you are looking for even bigger wins, we highly recommend landing a couple of wilds during free spins. They come in sizes 2x and 3x, but that’s just the beginning. Just like cave lions when there is prey around, they will multiply.

Should you land 3 of the 3x multipliers for example, you would end up with a smashin’ 27x multipliers. Boom!

Turning Back Time Is a Blast

Who knew turning back time and spending the day as a caveman could be such a blast and so rewarding. We’re glad not having to confront these lions in 3D but we will gladly pocket the money coming in from doing it.

So, take a break from society and head back to the Stone Age and make a quick buck. It’s a ton of fun!