A Forgotten City of Wins Awaits in Aztec Wilds Megaways Slot

The Aztecs aren’t just known for the massive pyramids they built in the middle of jungles. In fact, they’re generally known for being a bit of a psychopathic bunch who loved going to war and enjoyed the odd mass sacrifice on the weekend. So, the perfect group of people to base a slot on, right?

Search for lost gold in Aztec Wilds Megaways slot from Iron Dog for a shot at the €60,000 max win.

Is it in slow motion?

The slot’s gameplay is somewhat hampered by a shockingly slow win animation. It got to the point where I was clicking the disabled spin button multiple times hoping to click it as soon as it was activated. This is slightly improved with the fast play option enabled, but that is buried in the settings menu with no quick set function next to the spin button, something that is increasingly becoming standard.


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Much of the slot’s action revolves around the tumble wins feature. How this works is that symbols involved in winning combinations are removed with new symbols tumbling into the vacant spaces for a shot at additional wins.

If you manage to score four or more successive tumble wins on a single spin, you’ll unlock a round of free spins. Four successive wins will award you eight free spins with every successive tumble win earning you an additional two free spins up to a maximum of 14.

If you go four consecutive free spins without a win, you’ll earn an extra free spin. Any additional consecutive non-winning spin after that will earn you another extra free spin. This is a unique feature, and I’m a fan.

The slot also has three different kinds of wilds:

  • Normal wilds will substitute for any other symbols to complete winning combinations. During free spins, normal wilds can also have multipliers.
  • Sticky wilds only appear on the reels during free spins and will be stuck in place until the end of the round. Sticky wilds also have multipliers that will increase in value with consecutive tumble wins. The multiplier will reset at the end of a winning sequence.
  • Aztec wilds will be duplicated by as many as three times.

If you’re not keen on waiting around to be sacrificed, you can select to buy a round of free spins. The slot’s buy bonus feature is, however, a little clunky. You select how many spins you would like and click the Yes button. You then have to confirm your selection by clicking the Yes button again. This last step just feels unnecessary and is rare with this kind of feature.

Is Aztec Wilds Megaways slot gleaming or boring?

Aztec Wilds Megaways slot has a lot going for it. The graphics are great with bright symbols that really pop against the drab gray stone reels. It also has a wide range of interesting bonus features that add a lot to the gameplay. The gameplay is, however, hampered by a tedious win animation that is made that much worse thanks to the tumbling wins feature.


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The slot’s high volatility and below-average 95.82% RTP don’t do the slot any favors, either. There is a little light at the end of the tunnel, however. Thanks to the 12,000x max multiplier, you can play for some healthy wins even when betting at the €0.10 minimum.

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