Achieve ultimate glory and riches in Kingmaker Megaways slot!

What does it take to be a king or queen? Golden crowns, colorful gems, and treasure hoards like you’ve never seen before is the answer from the Kingmaker Megaways slot from Big Time Gaming. We have all imagined ourselves as kings and queens as we fantasize about glory and riches beyond our wildest dreams. Surely this divine privilege should not only be bestowed on those of noble birth? Well, we’re here to tell you, it’s not!

There are many stories of kings and queens that have come from humble beginnings and ruled the world. Kingmaker Megaways slot will have you ruling and rolling in riches as you build your own wealthy kingdom with all the fortunes and blessings that come along with it!

All the bling fit for a king!

Banners from the noble families of your kingdom are displayed on the left of the reels. These indicate the multiplier for each group of gem paying symbols. Once you get a winning combination of 5 gem symbols, the multiplier indicator related to these symbols will then increase with one.

The more 5 gem payouts you get, the higher the win will be every time the multiplier increases with these winning symbols. There are four different banners, each with a color-coded gem symbol related to them.


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The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols, except of course the Scatter symbolized by a crown. When you’re playing to hit all the gem multipliers the Wild feature comes in very handy. As you can only increase the multiplier with every 5 gem symbol combination, the Wild plays a huge part in achieving this goal as it appears frequently on the reels.

The gem multiplier counters are extremely important when it comes to the free spins, so let’s have a look at what happens when the crowns grant you access to the vault…

Step inside the treasury, everything is free!

A golden crown set with gems plays as the Scatter symbol. Not only does it pay when three or more appear on the reels, but it awards free spins too. When you manage to get 3 scattered, you will receive 7 free spins. 4 Crowns will award you with 12 spins on the house… or a castle in this case. If you are lucky enough to witness 5 crowns on the screen, you will be granted an impressive 20 free spins, along with a win of 250x your bet.


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Upon receiving your free spins you will be granted access to the castle’s treasury. Here you will find a different set of reels to play your free games on. The multiplier in the free games starts with a combined total of all the gem win banners from the main game. For example, if you had a multiplier of 4x displayed on each banner during the main game, your multiplier in the free spins will start at a combined 16x (4+4+4+4). So do your best to increase those multipliers during the main game because they ALWAYS come in handy a little later on.

The golden fountains in the castle

Kingmaker Megaways slot incorporates the very profitable Megaways Feature. In this slot, it produces up to 7 symbols per reel, meaning that there can be an astounding 16 807 Megaways to win. If you factor this in with the low volatility and incredible 96.65% RTP, you will notice that this slot awards payouts almost as quickly as you can place a bet. You’ll see coin fountains popping up onto the screen becoming a regular event as the credit meter increases with every win!

This slot is undoubtedly fit for a king. The features are unique and will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat. Especially when it comes to the Gem Multiplier which plays a very crucial role, not only in the base game but also in the free game feature. You will feel like royalty with all the treasure being collected and thrown at your feet!