BitStarz Player Scoops $98,730 in Just Two Spins!


One very lucky BitStarz player has had a bumper week, winning a juicy $98,730 payout from just two spins. This fortunate player has definitely been reading the BitStarz blog, as he knew exactly which slots to play in order to land a mega payday.

Hitting up the reels of two games, he cleaned out the infamous Azrabah Wishes for a sum of $50,380, then he spun the reels on the ever-reliable Slotomon Go, snatching up $48,350 from a single spin!

Azrabah Wishes Bringing the Heat

If you’ve been paying attention to our blog – we really hope you have, otherwise we’ve been wasting our time – you will already know that Azrabah Wishes dished out the biggest BitStarz win ever. Back in May, one incredibly lucky player walked away with a cool $2,458,064 from one spin of the reel, rumor has it he’s still on holiday celebrating.

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When it comes to planning your big win strategy, Azrabah Wishes needs to be on your list of games. It’s a high volatility game with incredibly generous RTP of 96%, this means that when you win, the chances of it being a big win are off the charts. The max win comes in at an astonishing 15,000x your original stake – so at $100 a spin you’re talking about another mega millions payout.

Slotomon Go – I Choose You!

What better way to round off a bumper win than with yet another big win from a notoriously hot slot. That’s right, this player picked out the two slots that have paid out multi-million dollar wins this year and hit them hard. Back in March, we saw a player land $1,376,221 from a single spin on Slotomon Go, showing that our latest big winner has been paying close attention.

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Similarly to Azrabah Wishes, Slotomon Go is yet another high volatility slot with a healthy RTP of 97.128%. Our lucky player scooped a massive 193.4x his original stake, landing him with an astounding win of $48,350. There is a max win of 1,500x your original stake, so if you’re spinning at $250 then we’re taking another huge cash win.


More Big Wins on the Way?

A huge congratulations to our latest big winner for scooping $98,730 in two spins. Both Azrabah wishes and Slotomon Go have a propensity for dishing out the big wins, so if you’re chasing the dream they are well worth a few spins – who knows, you could be the next person to join the BitStarz millionaire club!

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