BitStarz Weekly Top 3 – Another Exclusive Release Coming Your Way

Dropping new games exclusively for you guys is just something we love doing and we see no reason not to keep ‘em coming. This week is no different and we have another one in store for you, a full week before it will be available anywhere else.

Nepalese, Egyptian or Spartan… gold is gold and you will find out all about it this week, so get hyped up and ready to roll.

These are our hottest releases of the week:

Tomb of Akhenaten – Nolimit City (Exclusive release)

Release date: December 1st

All the way in the deepest parts of the tomb is where the piles of gold are hiding from humanity. In yet another BitStarz exclusive release, you will not take the path of least resistance but the rewards are so much greater when you overcome adversity.


The father of Tutankhamun was loaded and this is your chance to find out just how big his treasure really is. We can feel the excitement building up rapidly, so prepare yourself for an adventure that won’t be forgotten, just like Akhenaten himself.

Katmandu Gold – ELK Studios

Release date: December 1st

Inner peace or temple gold? It’s not an easy decision for someone like ELK Studios adventurer Kane, or you for that matter. The sudden revelation of a temple full of gold, high up in the Nepalese mountains, requires swift action on your part if you want it to be yours.


The competition thickens as you get closer to the truth and the treasure, but with 531,441 paylines and a fantastic lineup of features, you can beat the traffic and get there first!

Spartan King – Pragmatic Play

Release date: December 3rd

The Spartan soldiers will defend their king at any cost! Leonidas and his famous 300 warriors could use a swordsman of your caliber as the vicious battle is about to explode.


Arm yourself with free spins and multipliers before taking on the enemy and keep these three things in mind: protect the reels, protect your winnings but most of all, protect Sparta!

While You Are Waiting

We understand you are bouncing with excitement over these titles, but you will have to let it simmer for a little bit until they are ready to rock.

Until then, swing over to our BitStarz game lobby and take a swan-dive into the massive amount of entertainment already on offer. Good luck!