Can You Tame the Wins in Tahiti Gold Slot?

Tahiti is a truly beautiful island in French Polynesia, and it actually came about by pure chance. A massive volcanic eruption in the region created the Windward group of the Society Islands in French Polynesia, of which Tahiti is the largest. So, how about going back to the day Tahiti was created from that massive eruption, just so you can see what it looked like?

Of course, this means you’ll be in total danger, but the gods will be looking down on you, blessing you with some pretty big wins along the way. Tahiti Gold slot has it all – big wins, epic action, 262,144 ways to win and an incredible free spins mode. So, buckle up and explore that island!

Big Wins Around Every Corner

Launching back in 2019, Tahiti Gold isn’t the newest slot by any stretch of the imagination, but it does have a ton of epic features that makes it so popular today. Each spin that has a win will cause the winning symbols to explode, the play area to expand a little bit and more symbols to cascade down onto the reels. This means that the more times you win and the symbols cascade, the better your chances are of securing a big win!

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Of course, you don’t necessarily need to have 262,144 ways to win in order to get a big win, ohh no. As we’ve shown, you can do it on the very first spin, which is a sight to behold when it does happen to you. There is a nice feature called lava wilds which fill up the areas below it with wilds, once those areas are destroyed with a winning combo. Aside from that, Tahiti Gold comes packing a high volatility with an RTP of 96.1%. For your trouble, you can take home a tasty win worth 5,000x your stake!

Did Someone Say Free Spins?

We love free spins here at BitStarz, but no set of free spins is better than the free spins that you can trigger in-game. Simply land three Volcano Bonus Symbols on the reels and you’ll get to see the eruption that created Tahiti and take home some massive wins at the same time – cha-ching.

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Due to the eruption of the volcano, day turns to night and the symbols all glow a cool florescent color. The max rows also increase to 8, meaning the 262,144 ways to win is now attainable, which makes free spins pretty sweet. You can trigger more free spins by landing three more volcano bonus symbols on the reels, meaning you could spend the rest of your life in free spins, if you’re lucky enough.

An Explosive Time

Tahiti Gold is very exciting, and all of its features combine to create a slot that will stand the test of time. The graphics and animations might be a little 2019, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hold up in 2021. You won’t be disappointed by the action or wins on offer!