Blast off on a cosmic adventure in Elements: The Awakening slot!

Forget what you learned in Sunday school. At the dawn of time, four elemental creatures born from a technology left by an unknown alien creator were the catalysts for all life on our planet. They are the alpha and omega. They are the reason life thrives here and nowhere else.

It sounds a bit like Scientology, right? We thought so too. The one main difference is that you won’t be joining a cult when you play Elements: The Awakening from Play’n Go!

Welcome to the church of the four elements

Although not from the mind of famed sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard, Elements: The Awakening slot is no less compelling.

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The slot is set on a protoplanet, a planet in its infancy, still bubbling with molten metals as the four elements begin to shape its landscape. Amid this backdrop, the reels are brought to life by four creatures, each representing one of the four fundamental elements: water, earth, wind, and fire. Finally, to steal the name of the McGuffin from the Justice League, the mother box is the driving force behind the bulk of the slot’s bonus features.

Now that you’re acquainted with the church of the four elements, let the service commence.

All hail the mother box

What’s a religion without miracles? Well, in Elements: The Awakening slot, all things miraculous are the result of the mother box.

Any symbol involved in a winning combination will disappear, leaving new symbols to drop down into their place. This gives you the chance to unlock multiple wins on the same spin. If you’ve ever played Candy Crush, it’s the same principle.

Now, if you manage to string four wins together on a single spin, you’ll unlock free falls, which are basically just free spins. Once unlocked, a randomly selected elemental creature will burst to life to award a themed wild feature.

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Free falls wild features:

  • Fire Storm Wild – Wilds spread across the slot’s reels, turning adjacent symbols wild
  • Air Storm Wild – Sticky wilds are blown to different spots on the reels with each fall
  • Earth Storm Wild – Sticky wilds remain on the reels for a maximum of three falls
  • Water Storm Wild – Expanding wilds spread to cover a whole reel

During base gameplay, the mother box acts wild completing winning combinations. These wild symbols come in handy when you’re trying to string together four wins for a round of Free Falls.

Is Elements: The Awakening slot a false god?

The Elements: The Awakening slot is just like the Pope’s underwear. It’s simple, uncomplicated, and holier than most. It offers a core set of engaging bonus features that are complemented by some fantastic illustrations and animation. With the addition of an RTP of 96% and low to medium volatility, the slot encourages long sessions that give you a chance to enjoy every spin without breaking the bank.

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