The Midway Money Slot Fair Has Rolled Into BitStarz!

The last time I visited a fair, we went on a rickety ride that spins you hundreds of meters high. You know, those vomit-inducing ones where you could fall to your death any minute?

I remember asking my BF if he was ok… There was just silence. I thought the guy pegged on me. I begged him to say something, anything.

Eventually, he did and said, “I’m fine” (in such a high-pitched voice it sounded like he swallowed his cobblers). Poor guy.

I’m glad to see a fair roll into BitStarz, one that doesn’t look so dodge. Ready to what Midway Money slot is made of?

You won’t believe your eyes

Actually, you will. This Yggdrasil slot is tame… Unoffensive. So don’t expect American Horror Story’s Freak Show or The Greatest Showman. What we have here is pretty much what kids play on Roblox.

A little Coney Island cookiness wouldn’t hurt anyone, but I guess the provider kept on the cautious side. And good for them for leaving animals out of it. Respect.

Thrilling you on this fine day are the Ring Leader, Fire Eater, Strongman, and a bunch of carnival classics like (plastic) Duck Shooting, Milk Bottle hitting, and Teddy Bear winning.

All you need now is cotton candy, life insurance, and luck because you could play for a €184,318 max win.


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Hammer Man do your thang

If the Hammer Man lands in full view on the reels during the base game, he will do his damndest to hit the bell for you. Sometimes he will, sometimes he won’t. He’s only human, ya know, and this is a medium volatility slot.

If he hits the bell on the Strength Meter, the Feature Selection will be triggered. A Ferris Wheel will expand on the screen and it will spin to award you with either the Duck Shoot, Strongman, or Fire Eater bonuses, a combination of the 3, or all of them together.

My favorite is the Fire Eater bonus – she blows out random upgraded symbols to help you get a killer combination. The Duck Shoot and Strongman bonuses are obviously great too. Duck Shoot gives you more Wilds, and Strongman stretches the screen to give you more paylines.

It’s better than an awkward Ferris Wheel ride with a Stage-5 starer.


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Free spins for everyone

You don’t need to be a bearded lady or a serpent boy to get big carnival cash in Midway Money slot. All you need is 3 or more Ferris Wheels.

These will give you 5 Free Spins that are packed with huge modifiers, re-triggers, and a guaranteed increasing minimum win for every spin.

Unfortunately there is no Buy Bonus option in this game, so you’ll just have to wait in line like everyone does at these things, until it’s your turn to ride the rollercoaster towards fair fortunes.


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Yggdrasil’s traveling show is at BitStarz!

Midway Money slot is a great game, complete with animated graphics, and tons of features. Just as you’d expect at any traveling carnival.

Yeah it’s tame in its theme, I wouldn’t have minded a creepy clown here and there, but maybe that’s just me. I reckon the majority of the world would prefer not to be tormented by a horror slot right now.

With a 94% RTP, you’re in for a fun (and hopefully fortune-filled) day at BitStarz!