Brew Witchy Wins and Bonus Bonfires in Boilin’ Pots Slot!

There I was, casually wondering what the hell is going on in the new Boilin’ Pots slot artwork…

Usually, I’m indifferent to witchcraft and wizardry, but when a fat, smiling, 6-legged baby with green hair is being thrown into a cauldron – naturally, I’m curious.

Who wouldn’t be? Ripley wouldn’t believe this sh*t. As I opened the game, it immediately became clear that the graphics in this one is meh… The insane alien infant is only a boring ginger root.

However, if you were wanting something totally messed up, Boilin’ Pots does play around with dragon eyeballs and necromancy hands that are in desperate need of a mani!

Never have I ever been to the woods at night

And never will I! I watched The Blair Witch Project when I was way too young. This was my big sister’s way of ‘spending time with me,’ and now I’m scarred for life.

Luckily, I can steer clear of eerie forests, and swing my stake in this witchy Yggdrasil slot from the comfort of my couch (and locked doors) and focus on the €200,720 max win!

Apart from my childhood traumas and the graphics in Boilin’ Pots slot (they aren’t horrific), this game has cool new features to check out! First up… The weird and wonderful Wild Respins!


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This witch is feeding the whole village

But I am not complaining! The bigger the pot, the better the pay (that’s the idea). When you start playing this very high volatility slot, you’ll see a small grid… With only a reel height of 3.

But whenever you land an Arrow symbol on the screen with reels will expand and can expand all the way up to 7 positions. Should you be able to mix up this magic, then a series of Wild Respins will be awarded to you, where Stacked Wilds come to stir things up.

More symbols could mean more wins so work your voodoo for mega Respin moola in the base and bonus game.


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There’s a bonus round to remember

Boilin’ Pots slot comes with the increasingly popular Buy Bonus feature so that you can broomstick your way straight into the potent Bonus Game – or you can land 3 Scatters on the reels instead.

I must say, I haven’t come across a Bonus Round like this before (but that could just be me). Here, you play with only one payline… And have only 3 lives. But whenever a symbol stops on that payline, your lives will be replenished, and you’ll get a multiplier reward.

This feature can be extremely profitable, especially if you land one of the Win Crystals in the line. Alchemists could conjure up to 5,000x their bet. OMG!


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Boilin’ Pots is fiendishly fun!

So, if you’re a necromancer, a wannabe warlock, or a win-seeker, this 96% RTP slot is the bubbling green elixir you’ve been looking for (and you don’t even need to venture into the woods for it).

The bonfire bonuses and wicked respins are a must-see! So rub that crystal ball you’re carrying around and let it take you to BitStarz on a sorcery retreat for riches in the new Boilin’ Pots slot today.