Ignite the Reels and Explore the Magic of Ishtar Power Zones Slot

Most of us have been struck by cupid’s arrows and maybe even dodged a few. Who came up with the brilliant idea of giving a bow and arrow to a flying baby anyway? Then there’s Aphrodite who also wants us all to be loved up. But when it comes to love and war, Ishtar is a goddess that is often forgotten. After playing Ishtar Power Zones slot from Playtech, her days of anonymity are about to end.

As a Mesopotamian goddess, she’s often associated with fertility, meaning she won’t have any problems giving birth to a €200,000 max win and then some. Exploring the Flames of Ishtar and the 4 Power Zones is an adventure in its own, especially as the reels are charged with so much pent up emotions they can change colors. Navigate through them all and experience the unique modifiers they bring.

Let’s see what you’ve got, Ishtar!

No Room for Disrespect

With the light beaming from the roof of the pyramid, Ishtar may have been in contact with another lifeform, explaining her powers. This is all speculation of course but one thing we know for sure is that 6 reels and 15,625 paylines need to be conquered in order to get paid!

Leaving no room for disrespect, Ishtar is the highest valued symbol.


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Playtech has given the game high volatility and a 95.52% RTP. In order to get your hands on the divine €200,000 max win, all you have to do is bet the full €20 and summon the 10,000x multiplier. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts!

Go Fully Charged

On any given spin, any of the symbols can appear charged and their position will be turned into a Power Zone. These zones have the ability to connect with each other to create even bigger ones.

If you can land a charged symbol on one of these positions, they will transform into the same symbol and give you a nice payout. Nice!

Bring on the Flames of Ishtar

The pyramid holds a lot of power, just as suspected, and at times thunder and lightning bolts will shoot out and hit the side of the reels. Known as the Flames of Ishtar, the pillars will be set on fire and depending on the color of the flames, there are a few different scenarios that will come into play.

Random Wilds: The color blue means you will notice a group of wilds showing up and grab a random spot. This of course will give you a really good chance at a nice payout.

Goddess Mode: Green means money! When this mode is activated it will run for a random number of spins and you will see a series of respins. This can also give your multiplier a boost, leading to even bigger wins.

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Fire Spin: When the torches burn red, all Power Zones will transform into the same symbol. The Fire Spin mode can be triggered at any time and if you manage to do it right after the Goddess mode, your last multiplier will be applied to your Fire Spin as well. Boom!

Big Wins Are on the Way

If the Ishtar: Power Zones slot is any indication , ancient Mesopotamia must have been a very interesting place. Goddess or not, there are some divine powers lurking around in this game and once they have been released, the big wins are on the way. If you didn’t already know about Ishtar, you do now!