Don’t Believe in Ghosts? After the Epic Ghost Glyph Slot You Will

Ghosts and paranormal events are not for everyone. Changing people’s minds about their existence can be very challenging as it is difficult to prove. Or it was rather, until Quickspin decided to release the Ghost Glyph slot. This game will change the minds of skeptics worldwide and it starts right now!

As you witness the tumbling reels unleash both Ghost Glyphs and thereby the power of the urns, there is no stopping the wins you can rack up. Take your wins to another level with the free spin mode that summons you to the haunted house where you can top it all off with the Massive Wild feature.

Plain and simple, the more you believe, the bigger your wins shall be!

A Great Game to Play

It’s a tongue in cheek kind of game but the big wins are absolutely real. The graphics are quite bad to be honest but the quirkiness and light hearted feel of the game makes it a great one to play.

You’ll be working with a 7×7 grid and cluster pays mechanics, but with every spin you will also see 5 colorful urns above which all contain a secret ingredient, for you to unlock. We will explore these further later in the text.


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With a max win of €88,000 you would think there isn’t a lot of money to be made here. Wrong! You can easily rack up win after win and make a bunch of cash, especially in the bonus game.

The bet level is topped off at €40 and this is a medium volatility game with an RTP of 96.18%. Throw in a 2,200x multiplier and you will be more than fine.

Paranormal Bonus Features

Tumbling Reels – For every winning combo, all symbols involved will vanish and make room for new ones, as the remaining symbols will drop and fill the empty space. This means that one little win can turn into many and increase the win massively. Keep ‘em coming!

Ghost Glyph – When you get a win, a Ghost Glyph will appear in one of the empty spaces. If this little guy is part of a winning cluster, it will fly off to the top and activate one of the Ghost Urns. In other words, these are your new best friends!

Ghost Urn – As mentioned above, 5 random urns will show for each of your spins. If they have been triggered by a Ghost Glyph, they will come alive if you don’t get a win.

There are different colored urns and come with different powers:

Red – One random low value symbol will be chosen and every single one of them removed.

Green – Same as above but instead of being removed, they will turn into another symbol.

Yellow – Get ready to have between 4 to 10 wilds added to your grid.

Blue – Activate this one and it will open up the bonus game and 8 free spins.

Fill the Paranormality Meter for the Bonus Game

As you put your free spins to the test, every win will make an increase on the Paranormality Meter. You need 8 wins to fill it up and when completed, it will kickstart the Massive Wild feature.

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Go Wild With the Massive Wild Feature

When you have used up all your free spins, don’t think it’s all over, as this is when it’s time to be wild. Depending on how many times you’ve completely filled the meter, the size of your wilds can be up to a 3×3 colossal wild.

This Slot Takes You by Surprise

At first glance, this game doesn’t look like much but this is a surprisingly great game! The different characteristics of the game make this thing come alive in a way you won’t expect.

Let go of any preconceived thoughts about ghost themed games and just sit back and enjoy an epic paranormal experience and the big money that comes with it. This is fun!