Get Festive with Saint Nicked Slot

Every year around this time we start to get a load of new Christmas-themed slots. Most of them take a fairly traditional view of the holiday and just end up blending into the pack. However, every now and again we get something that challenges traditions and puts an interesting spin on the festive season. And a beer-drinking Rudolph and a Saint Nick that gets thrown into a cell on Christmas night definitely qualify as breaking from tradition.

Go drinking with the jolly fat man in Saint Nicked slot from Epic Media and try to avoid getting detained.

Order your first drink

When the Five-O roll up, you better have your facts straight, or you may just end up in a cell next to jolly old Saint Nick.


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The appearance of three or more police light scatter symbols on the reels will trigger a round of free spins. If you unlock free spins with three scatter symbols, you’ll receive five free spins. Four scatter symbols will get you 10 free spins and five will unlock 20 free spins.

Once a round of free spins is triggered, two extra rows will be added to the top of the slot. However, the new rows will be locked, and you’ll have to unlock them one position at a time by collecting golden key symbols. Golden key and +1 symbols will also award additional free spins to keep your round going.

If you’re not keen on waiting around for a round of free spins, you can select to use the buy bonus feature. The feature gives you two options both of which will bump up the slot’s volatility if selected.


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During base game spins you’ll notice icons with values in the bottom-right corner of some symbols. The values will all be added to a progress bar to the left of the reels. Every 20 you collect will give you a shot at opening one of the doors on the advent calendar that could award cash prizes or free spins. That’s the simple version.

Now the complicated progress bar rules. The progress bar will continue to grow until no neon icons appear on the reels at which time it will be reset back to zero. Once you unlock an advent door, you will create a save point on the progress bar. However, when you start trying to unlock the next advent door, you’ll have to start at zero again. Once you reach the save point, you’ll revert back there if the progress bar resets instead of resetting to zero. It’s simpler than all this sounds, but I do recommend playing a few hundred spins on fun play mode to figure it out before playing for real cash.

Is Saint Nicked slot ready for the festive season?

I’m generally a fan of Christmas. I enjoy getting presents and the abundance of good food and drink is always a plus. That being said, I do hate the tedium of tradition. I dislike having to listen to Mariah Carey screech as I go shopping and the predictability of all things Christmas-themed frustrates me. Slot game developers tend to fall into the trap of producing the predictable Christmas-themed slot game. However, once in a while we get a slot that flips the table on traditions and produces something legitimately interesting. Epic Media managed just that with Saint Nicked slot.

The slot has an interesting take on the theme that has been executed with fantastic graphics, animation, sound effects, and gameplay. The advent calendar was a particularly nice touch that I think really brought the whole thing together. I do, however, wish that the advent calendar doors weren’t so hard to unlock. The first few are okay, but it gets to the point where you need hundreds of spins to even get close to unlocking a spot.


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Saint Nicked slot has a medium to high volatility meaning depending on how you play, you may get a nice balance between consistent wins and big wins. This is helped by a healthy 96.25% RTP that will aid with potential returns if you plan to stick around for a few hundred spins. The max multiplier is a little low at 5,000x meaning you’ll have to bump up that bet per spin amount to hit some of the bigger winning amounts.

If you’re looking for another interesting take on a Christmas slot game, I recommend giving a Merry Scary Christmas a try.